FMIL tricked fiance today by saying she had booked them double appointments with a psychiatrist.

When they got there, Dr. tells fiance FMIL doesn't have appointment. SO fiance makes one for her immediately after his.

Fiance exits Dr.'s room and FMIL gets up and says "lets go" and he says "nope, your turn."

Dr. tells FMIL she needs to double her dose of Zoloft, actually take the Zoloft, is also being prescribed a mood stablizer, and has anger management issues she needs to address in therapy.



Though it may not change any of my situation, it feels WONDERFUL to know a trained, certified, practicing Ph.D. agrees with me that she is batshit ******* insane and has issues.

*throws fists above her head Rocky style*



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WHOO HOO, one for YOU, not that we are keeping score .... MUCH, lol!! Ask one of ur Dr's to fill her prescription so you have it at ur house and slip it into dearest MIL coffee. HeHe, these little triumphants MAKE MY DAY!! Thanks, HUGE HUGE GRIN!!

Sweet! That would be great to be a fly on the wall when a Ph.D. tells your CRAZY MIL that she is, in fact, in need of meds for her issues. !!!! Mine is on Effexor, but "forgets" to take it regularly, so I think it just makes her more of an alien and virtually impossible to deal with. However, I WISH she would be willing to seek regular help for her issues, she has been told by shrinks that she needs intensive therapy as well as been put on Effexor and some other mood meds by her REGULAR Dr...<br />
Still, your story beats them all. Congrats, and next time tell your fiancee to have her doble book herself, sounds like she needs it!

Whoo hooo! Good going! High five!!!<br />
<br />
My MIL is also on zoloft and only forgets to take it (pack it) when she visits me. Figures. I'd salt her food with it if I could.