I Have Banned My Mil Forever

A few weeks ago MIL called me and my husband child abusers because we yell at our kids (her words) and yes sometimes they get a hollering at when they are very very bad, or when I have to break up their rough housing to rise above the din, but boy did that infuriate me.

I have been a good mommie for 21 years and counting. To me, it's that kind of ignorant talk that gets innocent people in lots of hot water and considering I already lost a teen son in an accident, why even threaten me or even try to intimidate me with losing my babies?

I told her never to darken this doorstep again. I've been as gracious as I can possibly be for all the years I have been married to her son, but she has crossed that line one too many times. No, she has jumped back and forth over that line and now she is done. I'm done. The kids are done. Shes out. I dont care how much money she has or what she does with it. She can leave it all to his sister for all I care. I cant tolerate her anymore!

Adios *****!!!

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Okay I told my husband about this & he knows how upset I am and then yesterday MIL called on the cellphone when we were out on a dinner date together and he's helping her buy a car like nothing ever happend. <br />
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Good grief. I didnt say anything but want to and will probably have to. I wish I had the ability to compartmentalize like he does. Shouldnt he be angry that she has caused me so much hurt? Now he wants to help her and blow this off? Obviously he doesnt want to get involved but I wish he would stand up for me. She called us both that. It doesnt occur to him to be offended.<br />
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I hope she hits a pole. This sucks!

you go gal! <br />
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I wish my MIldoes something so that i can ban her. She is so subtle

Yes she is capable of anything. She told me when I started my business (a country gift shop in a neighborhood area) that she would report me if I had my babies at the shop during working hours. LOL Hasnt she ever heard of a family business? What are they going to do to me? She's banannas. <br />
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But still, I did check and you cant just report people and have their kids taken away from them for spite. That is just dramatic. I talked to my pastor and he told me that legitimate reports of child abuse come from schools, physicians and reputable people. The child services are going to contact the they would also contact your childs schools and doctors first before you would even find out about it to verify the claims.<br />
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But damn this is my own MIL!

Good Luck and I hope that you find a peaceful, MIL free future for you and your family. I just have suspicions because if that were my MIL she would do evil things just to get back at me.<br />
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You are totally right, enough is enough. Best of luck to you!