Learn Your Boundaries Lady, Or Get a Mouthful From Me!

When I met her, she was a delightful woman. She has a passion for life, and a wonderful attitude. She understood how blunt I can be, and accepted it. That's me. I speak what I believe. It's only been 9 months since then, and she is a NIGHTMARE. She has intruded into our space more times than I can count. Because we have a basement suite from her (sounded smart and money saving at first!) we see her on a constant every day million times a day. She comes down to complain that her stomach hurts, or her dog is biting people, or this or that, or whatever is on her mind, be it a big deal or not. She then began reading our mail. I caught her doing this since and she has stopped, but it was an uneasy week. Then the money borrowing came. Because I am on a set income for a mental disability (anxiety disorder) I only get so much in a month. She borrowed from me one time 473 dollars. And NEVER paid it back. Because my husband was between jobs at the time, that hurt us big time. We literally had oatmeal, soup and crackers in the house to eat for about 2 weeks! And when I asked her about when I was getting the money back, she had the nerve to tell me to just take it out of rent because she doesn't work and didn't want to tell his step dad about the borrowed money.
I told her I would never lend her money again, she took a fit and in the end, ran to my husband about it, telling him all these outrageous lies. So mommy gets to borrow money again whenever she feels like it. But she wont ask me for it anymore, she always asks him, who was then coming to me for it. I feel like I can't say anything about it because it's his mom. If my mom was in a bind, I would gladly give her the money. But she's not, because she knows how to use her money right and knows when the spending on extra things has to stop. Does my story end here? no. Not in the slightest. Only a few days ago, she decided to snoop through our house. Now recently since my husband is back to work and has been for awhile, we have decided to start trying for a baby again. We had tried before and I ended up pregnant, but we lost it. It was a hard time, especially since his mom thought she was the mom or something. She was picking names, and talking about taking care of the baby all the time. I was only 6 weeks when I miscarried so you can only imagine how short of a time it took her to say all of this! Anyways, thats another story. So we've decided to try again, and she snooped into our medicine cabinet and found pregnancy tests that I had bought and put aside. She called him and told him to go up to her house, where she then decided it was her place to tell him that he should be using protection and all this stuff. First of all, where in all of this does she have ANY say it what we want to do? We have enough money to support a child, we have enough space to house a child, and we're both mature enough to be parents. I have come to the conclusion that she doesn't want us having kids, because then she can't borrow money whenever she wants, and because I had told her flat out, that if we were to have kids, we would move 3000 miles away where I was living before I moved here with my husband, and that she wouldn't be allowed to have control of what the kid does in it's life, and that THAT is our decision not hers. Granted I have the pregnancy tests because I am RH-. I need to know when I'm pregnant, so I can get needles.
I feel like I'm constantly ranting about her to anyone who will listen, because I feel like soon, I'm going to start freaking out at her, and I don't want tension between my husband and I. I ***** to him about it occasionally and he understands completely. To sum it up: His mom is crazy. I can't stand her. She thinks she can have us on this short leash all the time and we can't be living like this. Especially with my anxiety disorder, this is too much for me.
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I'm sorry but why are you the one getting all upity about this? Why isin't you Man speaking up for his family. Going through your mail, having the sex talk... :( !?&* If your Man can't stand his ground mayby he isn't confidence ready to have kids. Do you really want this women breathing down your neck for your whole life? That's what you have to ask yourself.