Ancient Mil Menace Banished!

Here is a list of reasons why my MIL has been banned from our home after seven years of persecution:

1.She is ugly - like a cane toad in drag.

2. She is abysmally stupid, ignorant and proud of it.

3.  She has shown no respect for her son.

4.  She has shown no respect for me (DIL).

5.  She has been nasty to my dear daughter (from a previous relationship).

6.  She is a fervent gossip - the kind who will NEVER let anyone forget a scandal - even decades on.

7.   She is rude.

8.   She will walk in to our home without knocking if the door is not locked.

9.  She is a chronic complainer (one of life's victims).

10.  She blames everyone and everything for her problems - never will she bear responsibility.

11.  She is a heathen hypochondriac.

12.  She sets rat traps for blackbirds in her garden.

13.  She is a passive/aggressive manipulator who has given her brave Vietnam veteran son a  nagging, whinging hard time for 30 years.

14.  She tries to make her grandchildren feel ashamed because of her bottomless pit of woe.

15.  She is a rotten cook who has foisted her rotten offerings, unbidden, on our family for seven years.

16.  She is sly.

17.  She is cunning.

18.  Her clothes smell of mothballs.

19.  She ran her husband down for all their married life to anyone who would listen.

20.  She is possessive and jealous of everything:  children and grandchildren included.

21.  She is a miserly hoarder who wouldn't give a 20c piece to help someone poor in the world.

22.  She is vain.

23.   She has diseased toenails and still paints them baby pink and wears diamante-studded thongs.

24.  She is nasty.


Phew.  After seven years I am free of her!! hee heee heeee! 





Florashell Florashell
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8 Responses Jun 10, 2007

Congrats. You give me hope. It just saddens my heart that someone else besides me has this type of MIL. My problem? My husband is 63 and is still breast feeding. I have decided I am out when my son turns 18. Who knows, I might get lucky. My husband and his mother might die before then.

Sounds like mine! How did you manage to get rid of her?

You forgot #25--she is narcissistic . Good luck

omg! i think my mil is yours long lost twin sister!... LOL

OMG, not twins... TRIPLETS! my MIL is this way too.

Well done!

How are you free of her???? I'm curious to know!

How you did it?

OMG..have you ever read about "Borderline Personality Disorder"? It sounds like not only are you all better off without this wreched woman in your lives, but that she suffers from a mental disorder!<br />
Good Luck!