I met a wonderful man and one thing led to another and we had a baby only 3 months into the relationship. His mom seemed nice and all when we first meet but evil lurkes in that women. long story short she came over to much with out calling while i was pregnant dropping off grocerys that sorta thing. Then when i was about 6 months pregnant she made a announment in front of my husband and her husband without consulting me or my husband, that she will be caring for my son duringthe day when he is born . Then i had my son i so graciously let her be apart of his birth and i asked for no one to take pictures of course what does she do . she took the most graphic pics and showed them to here husband i told her to get rid of them, but no she made a cd for me ,total disrepect. then my husband goes on this rampage fighting with me i kick him out he goes crying to her and he comes up with this story saying our son is not his , and that ***** offers to pay for a paternity test .My husband never spoke of our sons paternity again because he know damm well that he's his. so after that i start back working. i work from home so i was able to take care of my son , but of course she was at my house every f-ing day. so finally i couldnt take it anymore i told her that if she want to watch him only on tues thurs that would be great of course she threw a fit called my husaband said i was being horrible to her. skipping ahead . we got into a agrument in my home later that evening i was pissed cause she called me a coward and i said no wonder why all your family dosent talk to you (even her mother has disowned her) then her husband call me back left me amessage calling me a ***** ***** etc. etc never one did i get a apoligy , and we started to talk again after 6 months and she told me that they were sorry for what they did not what they said . HELP PLEASE THIS IS A NIGHTMARE
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When finishing college, 8 years ago now, I took a part time job and was single at the time. The secretary, not 2 months after I worked there, approached me and asked me to meet her son. The nieve (not sure if I spelled that correctly), agreed to meet him after being at the job for 4 months. She kept after me day after day about meeting him so that is why I gave in. Little did I know the absolute disaster that would eventually follow years later. We met and things were great. He seemed a bit shy but very respectful. Shortly after, less than a year later, a house was for sale in the neighborhood in which I lived in and grew up in. It was not on the market publically because one neighbor tells another neighbor about properties being for sale. So, for the most part, many of the neighbors are related. It is a really nice, quiet, safe neighborhood. Needless to say, he bought a house and little by little fixed it up. Shortly after we moved in together. He never wanted me to help paint or anything like that stating that he liked to do it himself. So, I accepted that answer. After moving in in October of that year, I began to change some things in the house like new curtains and bed linen when my sister and I went shopping I thought they would be a great addition to the house. Little did I know that his mother bought, pick out and hung all of the curtains. He was doing all of the work on the house so I figured it was him because she came after I went home (I didn'tknow that at the time but I sure do now). Things were going great between the 2 of us, and the following December we got engaged. All hell broke loose in January.I was told that I was taking her baby away from her and that she told her boys (their are only the 2 of them), that their would be no marriage and no children. She tried everything in her power from setting up another girl for my financee to giving him an ultimatum that if he got married that they would have nothing to do with him. I have stuck it out and asked him for his support and he talked to his mother and she said that she didn't do anything and she has no idea what he is talking about. She said that it was all me and that he had no business being with me and that I had no business being at the house. He tormented him to the point that she said I was nothing but a lier and who did he trust which ultimately made him loose interest in me. I called off the wedding and am trying to mend any thread that are left of this relationship that is just never getting a break from her. After he talks to them now, his parents, he gets very verbally abusive. This is definately not the person that I met. What do I do?

So sorry to hear that you and your outlaw<br />
don't see eye to eye. I don't even think that is possible. What do people say: Check a horses teeth before you buy the horse. Well, to bad we couldn't check into the mental stability of our outlaws before hand! What ever is going on, with the outlaws don't lose your sense of humor, the more you laugh, the less likely you are to cry!<br />