CECE-MONSTER In Law Daycare Dont Do It !!!!!!!!!!!

I am very aware of the change in a mother in laws personallity after a daughter in law has her grandchild...   some mother in laws want to be in control of there sons life regardless what consequences to his marriage that this causes.  remember you are the out law.  The best thing for you to do with this monster in law of yours is stay away from her!!!!!   And by all means you have got to put your foot down with your husband you cannot leave your child unsupervised with that woman!!!!  My Monster in law has cut my baby girls hair in order to gain control and it only took her a few minutes when my husband dropped her off while he ran an arron.  My kids both go to daycare now.  I have been though the whole grandma daycare thing.  mil tried to get my son to call her MOMA!!!!  She even called him my husbands name instead of his own name.  Praying that things will get better for you-------curls
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Well I am pregnant with my 3rd child and I've already told my husband that I plan not to have anything to do with my MIL. I also informed him that he is not to leave our child in the possession of his mother without his supervision for that very reason. He's not happy and I think he is hoping that I will change my mind but I've made myself clear it won't change.