My Mother In Law Betrayed Me

My mother in law befriended the woman my husband had an affair with.  She  and the other woman plotted to end my marriage all the while she was telling me how much she loved me.  She actually wanted me physically hurt.  I am a big hearted loving  respectful person who never gave her any reason to hate me.  What she did to me and my spouse is something that I cannot forgive but she is my husband's mother and I am stuggling to understand how he could even give her the time of day.   The wounds are still very fresh and deep and I have had to take the philosophy that she doesn't exist.  I would love to get some feedback and constructive advice from any of you that has been through a similar experience and let me know how you dealt with it.  Thanks so much. 
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Hi, this was her outward appearance. See many mother in laws will put on the happy*go*lucky* mask as if they like you. As soon as you do something wrong; like exists, then they will find ways to plot against you. Many times you don't have to do anything tot hem. Sometimes they are just jealous that you will give your spouse something they cannot give and that is Affection and Love. Try not to give her attention which she is seeking. She wants the spotlight upon her.

Hi i understand how you feel... mine is even worse my mother in law even allowed my husband to bring back that ***** to their house... and even allowed them to get married behind my back....
She is not even human... yes even it's my husband mistake as a mother you should advice your son and say that you are still married settle your problems 1st then get involved with another woman.. but now the other woman has left him and me and my husband trying to fix our marriage but it's very hard to trust him again... we have been married for 10 years...

your husband is just as bad if not worse than his momma...they are in some type of weird relationship if she would condone such conduct from her son, what type of person did she raise to call him a man and her a mother...they are both sick if you ask me -get out now while the going is good. you dont need that type of abuse from such a sick family -who knows what went on with him while growing up...some sort of abuse apparently for them to harbor such anger and hate to hurt someone that way.

i was betrayed when I found out that my fiance soon to be ex(because I cannot get over it) cheated on me with a girl when I was in my last trimester. i found out when my baby was two months old and also found out that his whole family knew about it. Everyone seen her. I keep my distance from hsi family because i was so close to them, but how could you forgive people like that. Others things happen like his mother letting him get her car to cheat. And she knew it. She talked about me like a dog to him and smiled in my face. I don't dare be around her. She calls everyday for him to do things for her all the time.

Damn, Speaking as a man I cannot picture betrayal on that level at all. Normally I speak to preserving marriage at most costs not any but most. If the roles were reversed it would be Locksmith, Lawyer moving van and have their crap dumped on Dear ole Moms front porch.<br />
Have you physically hurt part? Well I'd maybe address that legally.. Probobly not actually , but I wouldnt reccomend it. This cant get beter, go..anyone who would enlist their mother and a stranger to do anything against you abopve and beyond the obvious cheating. Is disturbed and likely to get much worse. Conspiricy is a serrious thing. Get some legal help.<br />
Just my humble opinion here, but I'd never trust anyone capable of that crap again.<br />
Good Luck, You will need all you can get,<br />

Holy Cow...this woman is toxic. Run fast!

That sounds like one sick woman!