My Mil Still Loves My Husbands Ex.

I have been with my husband for 6 years and married 4.  He has an ex wife who he has a daughter with.   My mil is very close to the ex.  So much so that she has practically rejected me.   My mil blames my husband for leaving her and does not respect our marraige.   My mil is always seeing the ex and stays overnight at her house and she stays at hers.   There is no consideration how this affects my husband, afterall this is his ex wife.   he wanted her out of his life. but she is closer to his family than ever.   I have never had a chance and found out recently that she talks about me behind my back.   usually about how much I weigh.   I know she gossips with his ex about me and our relationship which is something I cant cope with any longer.   Im fed up with being second best.   I feel for my own sanity that I should cut myself of from her. but Im not sure what to do.   I just dont want to be hurt anymore.
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1 Response Jun 16, 2007

I am so happy..not that you are going through this but that I am not alone. I am married to my husband for five years and he has two children from a previous relationship ( no marriage). My MIL, who is a so- called Christain has a tremendous loyalty to the EX and has rejected me from the beginning. My husband, has confronted the issue and spoke to his mother many times, but she insists that she is doing nothing wrong. Meanwhile, I have not been able to establish a solid relationship with my MIL beacuse she has not been able to let go of the ex. They visit each other's home, go out to eat, shopping, church etc.. In the five years of my marriage, I have been invited to my in-laws less than 6 times. I have a three year old child with my husband, and he has been to his grandparents house only once. I feel totally disrespected and I don't think it's being irrational. I am playing second fiddle to a woman who did nothing but make my husband miserable. Now that he is happy, I assumed that I would be welcomed, but hey, you know what happens when you assume!!!