I Don't Even Know Her- That's How She Wants It

When I met my husband he was 20 years old and an active member of the Jehovah's Witness religion. I'm talking door-to-door and everything. He was very sheltered- not allowed to be friends with people outside of the religion, not allowed to watch certain movies or listen to certain music. He was really a mommy's boy his whole life. Me on the other hand, I'm a drug addict, I've done everything, I'm not religious and I'm 6 years older. His parents never wanted to meet me, but when they finally did, they made it clear to me that they did not like me and would not accept me unless I joined their religion. No f-ckin' way! One time his parents drove across the city to help him with his car and she refused to come inside our new home. After we got married and I got my name changed, my husband said to his mom "Well, she's a Gonzales* now" and his mom said "Why?"

*name changed for obvious reasons
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He really isn't practicing the religion right now. I have planted the seed of doubt in his mind! It was funny, the other day we were visiting his sister in the hospital and the moment they got a chance his parents attacked me! His mom was asking me if I read all that retarded Watchtower propaganda she gave me (I did). She was like "Well what's bad about it?" I told her that it wasn't bad but that I am not religious. She said "You don't believe in God?!" I told her "I don't believe in the bible." She asked why so I started listing all the things that don't make any sense like Noah's Ark and such. They couldn't hang with me in that debate! It turns out I know more about the bible than they do! In the end his father was like "Wow, you raise some really good points!" That was the first time he ever spoke directly to me. And his mother said "You are smart, you're the type of person that really seeks to understand things." That was the first nice thing she said to me. His sister said "You really have to have a good reason to believe in something, huh?" Shouldn't everyone?!<br />
They did have the last word, though. Solid proof that the bible is the truth:<br />
"The bible says we're born, we live and we die, and guess what? We're born, we live and we die!" Wow.

i married a former jehovah witness, who after we got married and had 2 kids, and we were having problems, decided to go back to his religion. i myself, couldn't handle his religion. the short of it all, it broke us up. i hope for your sake it goes better for you.