Update On Wicked Mil

My MIL is doing her usual passive aggressive manipulative crap that she usually does and I thought I would share.  I am 3 months pregnant with my 3rd child, first child for my husband.  WE purposely did not tell the MIL until I was over the miscarriage hump (I've miscarried 3 times before) and waited to tell everyone else as well. 

I made it clear to my husband that I do not want to talk to her no matter what and that he should not be surprised at the reaction he will receive from her.  Well she started with the tears and how "happy" she was for the both of us.  I was getting a massage during the conversation so I am unsure of all the details.  She also told him she would like to be here when the baby is born but she knows how "much it stresses me out'.  Whatever.

I thought I had missed the bullet until she called my cell phone 3 hours later to tell me "how happy she was" and to take care of myself.  This is what got me, "I am praying that everything goes well with this one".  Now for a woman who has suffered three miscarriages, this is such a crappy statement.  Per my OB/GYN I'm through the woods and a risk of miscarriage is like 2%.  My hubby told her that we were past the stage of worrying about a miscarriage but she says this crappy statement.

I do not know if she is just a ignorant ***** who apparently doesn't know the first thing about pregnancy OR if she is just the same manipulative ***** as before.

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oooooooh, b.b. i just don't know what to think of this woman! even if she her comment was sincere surely she realizes how inappropriate it was to bring 'it' up?!?!? then again ... perhaps not. people don't think before they speak most of the time. and because they had the 'best of intentions' they don't understand our reactions. i feel for you but in all honesty, i'd not spend another moment of thought toward this. you have much more important things to consider like nursery color, baby showers, names, taking care of yourself, etc. congratulations to you!

When my teen son (Randy) died I was five months pregnant. Two months after my MIL came to visit and I was talking to her about him and she said, "why dont you take some anti depressants for that randy thing?" <br />
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I know how it feels to lose. To feel like God and the world is against you. To be cursed with a heartless bytch of a MIL. If you ever wanna chat with someone who cares, pm me here.