MIL Back For More Blood

I declined her offer for money & ballet lessons, but this simply enraged her and she sent a scathing, ranting, ten paragraph long email, bringing up all the past hurts and making old wounds fresh again.

I'll spare you the gory details, but one part was about my husbands former lover, with whom she remains in contact with. 

My MIL has created a fantasy world about this woman, how ideal it would be if this person were her real DIL and adding that I had better not show the letter to my husband. She is pathological. She says if I bring this up it would be me who was hurting her son. 

Well, I did tell my husband about it. He was in the tub (master bedroom/bathroom) and I read it out loud to him when I got it and even he couldn't believe it.

This isnt the first letter like this that I have gotten from her, but the threats and the name calling have increased.

It's all for attention. I wont respond and feed the monster inside her. Shes an old woman, she cant do anything to me (mind games dont work on me, as I think for myself) I just wish God would protect me from her. Maybe my angel-son can out in a good word for me up there.

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Hubby bitched her out on the phone and I sent her a scathing email. MIL claimed she had a nervous breakdown, again, as if that excuses her behavior. I cant believe my husband finally grew a backbone and told her off, that she was the one hurting him - not me, that he doesnt love the other woman, he loves me and that this game she is playing is hurting us and this family.

My lawyer has all the letters on file.<br />
<br />
The old lover was also an affair partner and it started up after Randy died and it lasted off and on for three years.<br />
<br />
MIL knows about it and helped push the affair and she cant get over it that the old girlfriend didnt work out like she hoped. I'm pretty sure they are still talking too and that this is another attempt to sabotage our marriage.<br />
<br />
I wrote her and told her off, but I have been very angry and depressed for days. <br />
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I dont need to be reminded of the affair nor do I need her telling me this other woman loved him and that she had to put up with alot. Like I care what some scamming you-know-what feels. Not only did this other woman try to get to my husband, but to my kids as well. The kids were used as cover for the affair and were taught how to lie to me.<br />
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This is not good ladies. Not good at all.

Here is something you can throw back at her about the old lover. Insinuate that she must have hidden homosexual tendencies towards her son's former lover and that maybe she might consider counseling. Although very extreme, it will shock the crap out of her and she maybe will be hesitate to bring it up again. Just a thought :) If nothing else, it could bring a laugh later.

She sounds like a difficult person to deal with. At least your husband recognizes the type of person she is being towards you. I hope you can find a way to keep the peace.