I Really Do Hate My Mother In Law


I'm not actually married, but I might as well be.  I have a 6 month old son with my boyfriend of almost 5 years.  His mother is crazy.  Its hard to really talk about her because it makes me crazy.  She is one of those people who talk non stop about themselves.  Shes always sick. She has Multiple Sclerosis and Fibro Myalaga, shes going threw menopause and doesn't take care of herself, at all.  So shes always talking about how sick she is and how crappy shes feeling.  When someone complains all the time, you start to not care.  Also, She interrupts you mid sentence without fail at every opportunity.  All her kids are totally screwed up, including my boyfriend.  But she thinks she was the best mother ever.  She lectures and comments on everything i say and do for my son.  She thinks she knows best.  They live within 5 miles of me and she has never come to visit.  i'm glad shes not busting down my door but all i ever hear is complaining about how she never gets to see her grand son but its not all my responsibility to bring him over there!!! they have this really annoying dog that barks constantly and shes always SCREAMING fighting with her daughter who still lives at home (she is 25 and an alcoholic) while we are there.  so i go over as little as possible.  Josh, my son, has just started to babble a lot more and he says "ma ma" when he is upset.  She thinks this is just a curse.  He should be saying "da da" or "grandma" but not "mama"!  She insults me at every opportunity.  We were at a family funeral yesterday and all i herd all day was "well, i hope Josh doesn't turn into a mama's boy!" "you must spend too much time with him, thats why he says mama" and i'm breast feeding and she says "well, i guess he knows where his food is" I CANT STAND HER! i'm thrilled that he says mama but now every time he says it i cringe because i can't get her annoying stupid disgusting voice out of my head.  and he says mama because he loves me, not because he knows where his food is.  shes so awful. plus, she always pushes him past his limits. when hes tired she never leaves him alone and when he cries she says "well, i'll take him however i can get him" even after i tell her that he just needs some "down time" she still won't leave him alone. she is so crazy i want to move.  i never want to see her again. plus, my boyfriend doesn't think she is bad at all, is not on my side what so ever and thinks that i'm the crazy one.  my mom died 3 years ago so i don't really have anyone to talk to about motherly stuff.  its so hard.

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I have the Same problem she is always acting like I do nothing for my boyfriend. She always say she gave birth to him so she knows what he needs...his 22 and she can get over it she has 3 dogs that are annoying and she doesn't take care of it she has MS multiple scrosis? She is a freaking bum she does absolutely nothing but sit on the couch and watch tv I do not want to deal with here we are engage and I'm afraid to get. Married becaus rid her she is hotroble

It doesn't matter if you're not actually married yet. She's still a mother-in-law type person. In fact, in certain countries they go ahead and use the same word as mother-in-law, to describe a boyfriend or girlfriend's mom.

This article is crap. You are not married so you don't have a mother-in-law. You can pack up and move to the other side of the country. <br />
Shut your hole. Talk to the hand. <br />
For the rest of us that have an actual mother-in-law that sucks, we asked for it huh? When we said, I do, we married that ***** of a mother. whooops. Thought it wouldn't be so bad? Wow, were we all wrong. For the ones looking to get married....heed my words, don't marry unless you love her family alot and you live sorta close. (Think of family get togethers) <br />
A bad mother-in-law is an unnecessary stress on your marriage!!!