My Mother-in-law Is Ruining My Life

I can't seem to do anything right! Everytime we have her over for dinner I bend over backwards to prepare the dishes she likes and she denigrates everything including the place settings. Once I put our the silver she gave us as a wedding present and she lashed out, "You shouldn't be using good silver for everyday use." I can never get her recipes right and I make a point of asking her forn them and consulting with her on the phone as I'm cooking but she just says, "You didn't use enough tarragon," or "The hollandaise is too runny." And that's not even the half of it!
Katha Katha
31-35, F
2 Responses Jul 2, 2007

Yep, don't try to copy her recipes anymore, at least not when MIL is coming to dinner. Serve it to others who will appreciate it. Ask DH what he wants you to cook, make it, and then if she complains you can be really sweet and tell her "This is what DH told me he wants. Honey, your mom doesn't like the dinner you picked out." I bet YOU are her target, not him. She'll start backpedalling pretty fast when she thinks she's insulting her baby boy. Good luck!!

Sounds like it may be time to stop trying to replicate her recipes. She may feel like you are trying to replace her, or she may just be mean. Either way, you can never cook something the exact same way as someone else, so don't feel bad, and just enjoy what you made to your standards :-)