I Am Fed Up

Well.....My boyfriend and i have been dating 6 years now, so i guess she is considered my mother-in law. I can't stand her and here is the story.

I am living with her and my boyfriend who is 24 and i am 21. I ma under this situation because my parents are not here anymore. Well anyways, i was in the air force for boot camp about 2 months ago, and had gotten discharged for medical reasons, and i had no where to stay considering i had given up my car job and my apartment. I had been on my own for 4 years prior. Now i live with her. She critisizes everything i do and every move i make. She has complete control of my boyfriend as if he is brainwashed by her. He also has a brother that is 20 and he is home now on break from school. I sleep in the basement in the laundry room. The brother always has his friends over until 5 in the morning and i have work at 8. They are always down in the basement watching tv where i can't sleep. I went to say something to my boyfriend and he said something about it that i have work and they are to loud and its not fair that i can't sleep. She tells him wel she dosen't appreciate that i had taken her in when she had no place to go, and your brother isn't loud , and then she went to go on saying how he deserves someone much better than me and how this one girl he datied b4 me was really successful and how he should give her a call. Half the time i am standing right there listening.  I never say anything because i feel that i can't. I want to move out so bad but i have to save up money first i just don't know what to do anymore i am oging out of my mind.  If anyone could he me i would be forever greatful 

laurac2123 laurac2123
22-25, F
Jul 4, 2007