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I just got married 3 weeks ago but have been dealing with the MIL issues since I had my first date with my now husband.  First she accused me of being a drug dealer, which is way off from my character. I have never even been into the drug scene. I am the good girl type. She publicly humiliated me for being white and that is not even the worst. She lies about my degree because apparently an art degree does not meet her social standards. She had a fit when my husband and I did not want to move in with her and her husband.  She also bought a white dress for my wedding and finally agreed not to wear it after much argument.(She wore an off white instead) And she almost cried when I did not want her in the bridal room before I got married. Oh and she invited 400 people to my wedding when we only wanted 100 total. Didn't even offer to help pay. She also loudly proclaims her false love for me in public. And I mean loud and obnoxious. And when she hugs me she hits me on the back REALLY hard. She has also told us that if we ever move she will move wherever we go. If I did not love my husband so much I probably would go COMPLETELY NUTS!
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Hi, the husband will be the one whom needs to clarify this. A mother will sit down somewhere once the husband stops entertaining her ways, comments, gestures, and insults. By any husband remaining silent; it gives the mother in law the fuel she needs to control, and manipulate the relationship.

I think she and my future mother-in-law would be great friends. She is so passive aggressive. When I tell my fiance how I feel, he says "but honey she really loves you". Sure she does. Like I love having the flu...

Oy! I hope you can find a way to deal with her.