Surprise Party

My MIL has planned a surprise party for my sis in law (who I get along with great!!)  We all live with-in 10 min. of eachother BUT the party is at my in-laws beach house 2 + hours away...oh yeah it's also the day after I am scheduled to be induced with my third child.  Obviously I can't go as I will still be in the hospital and my husband says he won't go and leave me.(so sweet of him).  She doesn't like me anyway (obviously) and hasn't for some time!  I think my sis in law is going to be ticked off and I personally think it might back-fire because I can't see her leaving when I've just had baby #3 and not offering to take my other 2.  Any advice? 
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4 Responses Jul 5, 2007

My MIL is always planning things for her family when she knows we can't attend because of other commitments. I feel sure she does it on purpose in her crazed attempts to make my husband and I look like the bad ones. I feel sure that your situation will backfire! Enjoy your precious children!!

Hooray for you! You figured out the MIL's plan...she dosn't know she is dealing! Someone who is much smarter than she is. I also agree it will backfire. COngrats on the baby and good luck with the delivery! :)

It seems to me that you SIL wouldn't want to be 2+ hours away when you and her brother just had another baby. I agree the whole things sounds like its prepped to backfire.

I would not do anything. From my experience, MIL's are always trying to steal your thunder and light a fire underneath you. Don't let this ruin the birth of your child. You obviously have a loving husband who is there for you and that is what really matters. The person who she seems to be hurting the most is her own daughter. It is wrong of her to make her choose between these two situations. Be strong and kill with kindness.