MIL Walked Down the Aisle At My Wedding

SO we had a destination wedding...very casual. But get this...My Maid of Honor and I are standing up a path (we got married in a garden outside) waiting for the music to start and who walks up the aisle? My MIL! She walked up the aisle to us and said "oh I just wanted to come back and...blah blah blah) honestly I'm not x-actly sure what she said I was so pissed and confused. She knew we had been playing volleyball on our vacation and says to me "why aren't you playing volleyball right now"? By this point I've lost the little respect I had for her and I said "do you know how much I paid for this dress"? In my snottiest voice. She was a bit taken back and suggested she give me a hug. I told her a hug would be fine...but watch the lipstick.

So after the ceremony the Best Man makes a wonderful toast. Our wedding coordinator asks in anyone else wants to make a toast. My husband says no, Best Man's toast was great. Of course MIL HAS to speak up and give a toast (after he son made it obvious we didn't want to have any more toasts). She said "welcome to the family...Jenny (my husband's sister) has always wanted another sister...but we ended up with Sam instead". (Mind you, Sam is her 15 year old son from another marriage and he is standing RIGHT THERE as she insults him in front of everybody). And then in the most bitchy voice she says "I'm glad you make my son happy". I was were all of my girlfriends.

She can't see past her own unhappiness and see her son's happiness. She has mentally screwed up all four of her children because she is self-centered and bitter. It's a sad family to be joining, but I am happy to be the light of the family with my husband.

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hmm...Sounds like something my MIL would do..under the guise of being helpful, of course! I am sorry she had to do something like that!

I read your previous story about what you feared would happen with your MIL at the wedding, I am sorry to hear they came true. Hopefully you can work things out with her, so your life can be a little more peaceful.