My Obstreperous Mother-in-law

After so many fights with my husband over his domineering and intrusive mother-in-law I felt like I ws losing my sanity and my jepodizing my family. At my wit's end I decided to jot down every barb that came hurtling my wya to sting me (and boy, did they?) and with a friend in a similar situation -- our mothers-in-law assumed a woefully adversarial position where we where concerned. NOTHING we did was right! I couldn't think straight. I grew weary of endless confrontations and trying to appeal to her sense of rational didn't work; she just didn't wnat to hear it. Emergency tactics were necessary. I created a rule and a solution for each savage remark whe made and covered all my bases fron her relationship with her beloved son to monetary issue, differences in faith, culinary embattlements, gift-giving and gift-receiving, and those anxiety-ridden non-negotiable visits. Not to mention child rearing conflicts! Oh, boy! I called her The Dragon to myself and decided to turn the tables on her antagonistic rhetoric with a smoke and mirror game of killing her with kindness. Rhetorically, speaking. I no longer sought her approval which rendered me the upper hand and took contorl of the linguistics since the language of criticisn was how she controlled me sending me into a tailspin! I wasn't enjoying my own life and my husband was put in the middle. I put into practice the strategies suggested by my therapist (to no avail), I knew I had to come up with a new set of strategies to reclaim my turf. Author Gabrielle Garner and I have written a book addressing our collective mind-numbing "Mom" experiences offering a topography for dealing with our obstreperous mother-in-law. It is called: DisarmingtheDragon: The Rules for Mollifying the Obstreperous Mother-In-Law! Take a look-see at our site -- Get a spicy taste of our rules for fending off the Dragon before she can snort, stomp, wheeze, excoriate and reduce you to ashes with her scorching breath. Slay her with kindness, we say. It can be done without betraying your ego. Let us show you how Sign up for an advance copy of our book! We'll also post people's "Dragonistic" stories continually so you dont' have to feel alone as you do battle with the beast! Our book attacks the subject seriously but via our 88 rules we present a scandalously scathing satire to grant the beleagured daughter-in-law a bit of one-upmanship. (There's nothing like the relief and perspective that comes from laughter.) Eventually, we encourage the daughter-in-law to cultivate empathy for the Dragon as Mother Nature is cruel and she knows she is going to be replaced. BY YOU! She is petrified of becoming obsolete and consumed with the perniciousness of envy. Every daughter-in-law deserves her day in court but most mothers-in-law could use a little slack. Remember. The URL is: We look forward to hearing from our fellow Dragon Slayers. We have to stick together!
DiplomaticDragonSlayer DiplomaticDragonSlayer
41-45, F
Jul 6, 2007