Two Words: Crazy Woman

To make a very long story short, lets just start with the basics.  I've been married to my husband for 4 years.  The first 7 months of our marriage, we lived with the mil, fil, and bratty sil.  I digress, after our house was built, which is right beside them, I thought things would get better.  Well, they didn't.  Now, let's just catch you up to speed.  I have a 2 year old daughter that nobody in that household (which is right next door) cares about seeing.  At the hospital when I had my daughter, the only thing my mil could say was "she IS real".  From then on, she has went 5 weeks without seeing her only grandchild.  On average, she sees her about 2 times a month now.  My mom lives 30 minutes away, and she comes every day, if I don't go to her house.  I'm done trying with my mil.  It was the last straw for me when she treats my daughter this way.  And now, the last story I have about her is this.  The last time my daughter seen her, she ran away screaming and crying for me.  I thought she had fell and hurt herself.  This woman is seriously not right, and my child knows it.  Any comments?
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It's funny isn't it, she obviously turned her son out OK, or you wouldn't be happily married now. I think, soon as you can afford it, your best best would be to sell the house and move. Move closer to your Mom who appreciates your daughter!

I have the opposite problem. My MIL wants my children for her own. She is obsessed with them. I don't know which one would be worse...obsession or my MIL ignoring my children. My Mom is very normal and helpful, too. I'm always jealous of women with wonderful MILs.

Well it sounds like your MIL is one of those MILs that do not believe in grandparenting and your daughter knows it. It is sad that you live less than 50 feet from one another and she is that way but in the long run it is a blessing. My mother nor my MIL have much a relationship with my boys and it truly is a blessing. Both moms are crazy loons and it is much easier to explain why their grandmother don't see them than why they are as nutty as a fruitcake. Children just do not understand psychiatric disorders. Good luck!