SHE Says She Has Every Right

I have been married to my husband for the past 13 years I think if he wasn't  such a gentile sole we wouldn't have lasted so long

 because of his conniving parents eg the mil I have so much to say about her and her arrogance but ill tell you what happened this new years eve

I told my son to look out for his siblings if any one touched them to let me know well she flicked one with a towel in which I was quickly informed by my son she then  told me  that she was their paternal grandmother and she had every right to punish my children (not) I explained to her she has no right it's up to the parents to discipline their children .

Next morning she took my son out  for a walk to try to find out what else I said to him

 30 minutes latter he ran inside crying the the old hag told him that I was looking for trouble , I raced outside to confront  holding my youngest child on my hip we got into a heated argument she

she was still insisting that she had every right to hit my children and if she wanted to she could hit me. She came right up to my face and told me that I was loony

So I called her a tart and a gypsy

She then lunged at me while I was holding my baby and ripped off a nice piece of the side of my nose (I then grabbed her by the hair ) and yes there was allot more yelling and caring on

she then told me that she doesn't love me anymore and she is no longer my friend (as if she ever did) So I responded by saying that I never liked her  after years of tolerating her snickering I had enough

After everyone calmed down we apologized to each other for the sake of my husband and my children

She then came up to me looked me straight in the eyes put her hands on my shoulders and told me ( I SHOULD BE GRATEFUL THAT I HAVE HER AS A MOTHER IN LAW BECAUSE SOME MOTHER IN LAWS ARE REAL *******) (what a saint of a woman)

I told her to go away and haven't spoken to her since

 the other day It was my 13th wedding anniversary and I have to say the last 6 mths have probably been the best ever knowing that she is out of my life hopefully for good  .

This is a woman who comes to your house eats your food goes home leave you the dirty dishes and tells you your dirty and don't know how to keep house

Now I not saying that I am perfect because we all have faults

Thank you for taking the time to read my story




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1 Response Jul 12, 2007

wow, your mil sounds like a real nut job. what does your husband say about all this? does he think it's ok for his mother to hit your kids? my mil thinks it's ok to hit her grandchildren also. before my daughter could even walk, i let everyone know that no one would ever hit my child. she got really mad at me when i said it but i didnt care. i had watched her hit her other grandkids and it made me sick to my stomach. my sil has no backbone so she lets her mom do whatever she wants to her kids( not that my sil is any better than her mom, she's an abuser also). keep standing your ground and defending your children. i dont care what anyone else says, only you have the right to discipline your children. if another adult has a problem with something your child did then they need to bring the situation to your attention and let you deal with your child appropriately.