She Is Really Crazy...certifiable

I don't know where to start. It started when we got engaged. she threatened not to show up to our wedding/c my husband and his sister don't speak. they haven't spoken in 10 yrs. Therefor not on the guest list. My mil said what will my friends think? Anyway she never responded or even told us she was coming. She showed up after all that drama. Then my shower she invited the sister I never met. Apparently sister has a drug problem and shows up to the shower high and starts saying fowl mouthed things to family members and saying bad things about my husband to my friends in which I work with.  My mil was crying the whole time of the shower b/c my sil said she was miscarrying at the shower(found that was a lie  later).  She called me @work screaming at me b/c I apologized to a family member who left the shower Early/c my sil was so vulgar. It has only gotten worse. She says hurtful nasty things to me and acts like nothing ever happened. Last yr she invited herself on my vacation for a day. She refused to sit anywhere but next to my children. Made my mother sit in the storage area of the truck. She screamed bloody murder any time my son went near the water with me standing there. Ripped his hand out of mine. I said oh Cj is just @ a crazy 2yr son) She freaks out and starts getting nasty "what kind of a mother calls their son crazy. You call yourself a mother. I would never do something like that. I return with I'm not calling him sick in the head, he's just all over the place. She continues If iwere their mother Iwouldn't say things like that. I said u r not their mother and you'll never have that right, She said never say never honey.

nikkisix nikkisix
31-35, F
Jul 18, 2007