SNAPPED---and Now It's Better

Now the aftermath. Since I lost it with my MIL. Things have been a lot better. She did think her other son would come in from out of town and save her day. He did come in from out of town but save her day he did not. Sorry to say (for her)  he couldn't take her attention seeking drama at all.

I found out that she did tell her son along with my neighbors that I beat her. My neighbor told me this and I was mortified! She let me know not to worry she knew the deal. That she could tell something 'just wasn't right with her' and my hubby had already talked to her about it. He didn't want to tell me so I wouldn't get upset.

Her son just let me know that if he had to be here she would be doped up on meds in la-la land all the time or in a home. And she didn't like his wife either. Now she tells me how much her boys have changed the way they talk to her. I honestly told her that maybe if she worked on the way she handled herself and what she said, they wouldn't be so nasty. The two boys that are married love us and her, so lets just try to make the best of it. I'm willing.

She still mumbles under her breath at times  but if I look at her she calms down. And I feel like maybe this is the calm before the storm, but willing to ride this as far as I can.  I have had to let her know I've had it with her rudeness and so have MY family. She is welcome to be a part of it if she control herself.

She called me 3 days in a row and on the 3rd day something told me I needed to answer and she sounded like she was crying. So I told her to come over. That's when I found out her son wasn't what she had hoped him to be. He was barely there because she drove him so crazy. Playing some of the games for attention she tried on my husband. Right now she is down there. Guess she's spending the night. But she only started trippin one time and caught herself. Like I said the calm before the storm. Her other son just went home so we'll have to see.  She may forget what's really good for her and to her.

crazylady crazylady
31-35, F
Jul 18, 2007