Future Mother and Sister In Laws Dislike Me

I will try and be brief. My sister in law called my husband (we are newlyweds) and told him she was very worried that he was spending too much money on me and that I was going to bankrupt him. I was so furious!!! But his mother got so angry when I expressed that I was hurt. She was angry at him for telling me what his sister had said! She expected him not to tell me that she was badmouthing me. If he would have kept it from me, I feel that it would have come between us. Now there is forever a rift between my in laws and I. I hate it! I never would have made a move to create bad blood.

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Sorry to hear about starting out this way. I will be married 20 years and my sister in law and m-in law were whispering together about how come my husband & I weren't going to live in their town. It was clear they had an agenda for our lives. I must admit I don't think I handled my anger over a lot of their intruding very well and hope I can tell you it took me a long time to see I was frightened of my in laws and used my anger as a shield. Be curious to hear what is happening now for you. Hang in there ! - Kelly

My MIL is constantly trying to involve my brothers-in-law and her side of the family in our relationship struggles. My husband and I never discuss any of it with my MIL's family. At times, family members will try to discuss things with my husband about me but they never seem to be willing to confront me personally. My husband is always honest with me and tells me if something is discussed when I am not present. Although the things said may hurt my feelings I appreciate my husband's honesty and support. I'm glad your husband is being honest and open with you.