Why Does Race Matter!

I first met my son's father in 96 right around my mother's death (cancer) we clicked and it became a fling thang as time passed on 4yrs we became a couple so I thought. she was allways mean and disrespectful to me. I tried with her, I've taken her to the salon and made food etc. still nothing worked. until one day the truth came out of why she was treating me so mean. she had a problem with a black women one day in the social services office and brought the problem home. I heard these words out of her mouth. she doesn't like black people and she didn't like me because I was black, by the way she is from Equador. When I head her say that my whole world came crashing down. All that time she was just using me. Then all hell broke loose. I came out pregnant what was that for he was depressed she was angry and the battle begains! She treated me like dirt for the whole nine months of my pregnancy she didn't go baby shopping with me or nothing and on my babyshower she went to the 99 cent store and bought $5 worth of cheap **** and gave it to me in discuss. she never did or does anything cool with my son (park, coloring, etc) most of the time she doesn't even speak to me or my son she'll walk right passed him and not say a word to him. and he is the first grandchild and the only boy. for his 1st. and 2nd birthday she didn't even show up for his first few christmass 4 she didn't even take the time to get him a gift not like he needed it. She has told me about two years ago infront of his other family members that she would never love my son only she will love her other grandchild who is from a spanish girl she loves this girl to death I mean when she gave birth to her granddaughter she was up and down with this girl and her baby and me she treats like **** it's been 12yrs now and I'm ready to leave. I cook, clean, work full time, I don't due drugs or party but it seems that is still not enough I don't and haven't asked that lady for nothing not to watch him and if I did I always had to pay her :( I can go all day with all the crap I've been through for the past 12yrs. The sad part about everything is my son's father never says anything to his mother and he know's that she doesn't treat me or his only son nice :( :( :(
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That is really sad, my sister in laws husband is black, when my mil first met him she said "she can't marry him, what if they have children", my fil said to her accept it or you'll lose your daughter, I myself am of asian descent, my mil loves my bil, their kids and my kids but she told me that my oh was too good for me and that I was a bad mother. MIL's should get classes on how to be decent human beings : (

I am so sorry to hear this. Love is love...it knows no color, no religion, no country...it just is. Perhaps it is best that your son not be exposed to this woman's ignorance. I honestly do not know how people can be so arrogant to think only some are worthy of being treated with respect, compassion, and simply with love. Please, do not let her actions corrupt you and your view of the way the rest of humanity acts. Most importantly, don't let it change your son's world view. Unfortunately, as far as I know, we can't pick who we are related to and who are spouses are related to. If that were the case, I would prefer my husband to be an orphan and I am sure he feels the same about "my" people.