I Feel Betrayed By My Husband Re Mother In Law

Things were going great. The last time I saw my mother in law was August 2008 and that suited me fine.She chose to ignore me in front of my husband and children. Anyway husband thought that was unacceptable behaviour on her part and we left. (but to be honest she's done so much other stuff, just read my other stories regarding her and you'll see what I mean)

There has been no contact on my part and hubby spoke to her on his birthday and the children at Christmas to thank her for their presents etc. However she turns 60 this week and thankfully lives in another country. Husband wanted to visit and told me he was going for 3 days.'Fine' I thought she's his Mum after all. On Saturday he sprung on me that he was leaving on Sunday night to visit his mother and for a week instead of 3 days. No notice or forewarning.

My 2 year old dughter is unwell and I feel really betrayed by his actions. He planned all this with no thought for my feelings and no communication. He left last night and I cannot bring myself to take his calls or respond to his texts. Don't get me wrong she's his mother and I will never stop that relationship. But 24 hours notice for a weeks trip to see his mother who couldn't be bothered to bring him up and treats his brother far better than him.

I am now at my wits end and am thinking of seperating from him on his return. He had no regard for my feelings and I cannot see anyway back from this.

Any advice is much appreciated. Many thanks

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4 Responses Jan 19, 2009

Idiot... I would not treat my woman with disrespect but rather make sure that she is happy first...

my husband is equally the same. he literally kisses his mums butt.Its just sad that these men dont seem to grow up. only thing is dont make a hasty decision of separating when he comes back. you will only be allowing your mother in law to win because obviously shes the root causer of the problems. and shes probably feeding him with negative info about you. so give him a test of his own medicine

what a selfish jerk! he can't even call to check on his sick child?! Change the locks and don't let him back in until he apologizes!

I needn't have worried about returning calls and texts from him. He hasn't even bothered to call to see how his children are especially our sick daughter. I don't even know if he's arrived safely. There's been no contact at all.