Gone Insane.

when i met her I was dislike immediatly because I told my hubby to take our screaming 9month old daughter from my FIL or i would.  oops i didn't follow the family law of HIM controling everyone. now let us jump ahead a few yrs.  my MIL now divorces abusive (duhh) FIL. and UGGG moves ups here for just a little while so she can get back on her feet.  now 5 plus years later she is STILL Living with me.  for a while i worked days and she was at home with the kids no biggie right.  she didnt do nothing all day but sleep then complain that she couldnt sleep at night. I would get home at 5 and cook and struggle to spend time with my girls AND clean AND laundry AND grocery shop.  Now she goes back to school and i am at home.  she now scames my hubby into letting her control the money cause  i am to controlling and nobody should make him tell me how much of our joint acct he is spending. fine i let her.  she is telling him things about me and when we fight she runs to him and he believes only her.  now why do you ask i havent dropped them all to the curb. I said for better or worse. welll SHE IS WORSE.  so i patienly wait for her to mess up.  lots of fighting years between us later. she messes up.  she grabbed my best friends phone and read a text to her from me and took it the wrong way.  tells my hubby i am up to no good and wam her walls come crashing down.  they have a nock down fight and now he is on my side and karma comes to kick her.  Now she is trying to say all this is my fault and i am controlling hubby with sex.  and that i am telling my kids to not be around her and i am looking into her checking accts. and i am manipulating everyone to hate her and to question her.  wow am i good or what.  Now she is going insane and we are all trying to back away slowly and get her out of our lives.  OH and did i mention that now she is consistenly saying nasty things about me to my kids when they go to stay with my best friend who sits for them while I work second shift and hubby is OTS.  oh now why is she there you ask? she moved in with my friend after my best friend seperated from her own abusive hubby.  now she can't get her out of her house which my MIL claims is hers even though she now sponges off her the way she sponged off us.  this is just the tip. man i could write a chapter about the stuff she has pulled lately.  and no tell ing how much she has pulled that i don't know about in the past.

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I have found loosing it don't help i have done it in the past and it all leads to a fight. He is not ready to grow up and see that his mom is manipulating him and our sis. even though he sees she is the problem he still does nothing and so does she. they both allow her to still cause problems instead of saying enough. they are afraid that she wont be able to support herself if she lives alone. I say stop putting 60 percent of your pay to your IRA and she can. And say get out. I don't care if you make it or not. but then again i am ignored as usual. If i could do it all over again.... Not sure if all this is worth it. but my babies are.

i would have lost it about the whole money thing...i give you credit for not kicking her and your hubby to the curb after that one. it sucks that she is living with your friend but on the bright side, she's not living with you!!! yay!! the fact that she is saying nasty thingsa about you is just wrong...it's childish. if their old enough, i would tell the kids that she's sick and normal people dont talk like that about people they're supposed to care about. good luck!

You're right! I think at some point they (MIL's) will hang themselves if given enough rope. It all seems to come down to control. I'm glad your husband is on your side. At least that makes things some easier.