She Goes Out of Her Way to Belittle Me.

My MIL has always had something against me.Iv been with my husband for 11 years now,and from the beggining,she has been extremely judgemental and controlling.

I was 20 when I moved into her house with my husband (Alfonso).He was 21 and we jumped into our relationship so fast that we didnt even have time to find a place to live..we only knew that we wanted to be together,so he took me to his house one weekend,and I was invited to stay there.We had only been together for a week at that point,but we didnt care.My son (who was 14 months old back then) and I moved in,and I was so exited and happy because my in laws had taken him in as if he were their real grand child...the whole situation seemed perfect.

That was in march of 1998 and we got married 5 months later on the 1st of August.

The happiness didnt last long.My MIL and I never got along and the situation only got worse when I got pregnant with my daughter in october of that same year.For some reason,she wanted to be the one to make all the desitons.She even moved my son into her room and suddenly,I didnt feel like I had any power over him anymore.We had only been married a few months,and now,being pregnant and needing the extra money meant that it was no time to go out and find somewhere of our own to live,so we had to stick it out for longer.

By the time we found somewhere to live (when my daughter turned 1) the relationship between my MIL and I was unsavable,but we had both reached the point where we seemed to accept that we werent going to get along,and we didnt have anything else to say to each other..we didnt even argue anymore.

Well,things started to look up.Living on our own was amazing and finally I was able to be a mother to my own kids again,which my MIL didnt like one bit.She has fought the fact that Im their mother every step of the way,and now that I have recently had my third child (a little girl who is now 9 months old) I am finally sick and tired of having to deal with her.

No matter what I do,I am harshly judged and Im sick of her coming to my house to scream at me because she says that she needs to give me her "opinion" on how I do absolutely everything.

Just an example..I am still breastfeeding my 9 month old baby and this is something my mother in law CANNOT stand.She is always going on about how I should be giving her a bottle and she goes well out of her way to make me look you can actually FORCE a baby to nurse

Also,I make my own baby food and she is always going on about the ingredients I use.Like Im poisoning my baby because I give her a little cabbage,coliflour or spinach in her food etc.She uses comments like "My daughter and I dont use that when we make her sons baby food" or "you wouldent catch me giving that to a child of mine"..I mean,come on! Its veggies,not horse poop!

Then last week,my sister in law came over and decided that she needed my daughter to entertain her 3 year old son,so she took her out without telling me where they would be going or when they´d be back,and she didnt bring her back until 8pm! (she had left at 2pm!!).

I was LIVID! Then I got an ear full from my MIL because acording to her,my SIL was kind enough to rescue my daughter from the slavery we are putting her through just because I ask my daughter to watch her baby sister if I have to go to the toilet or do laundry! Since when is asking her to sit and watch her sister (who is in her walker) for a few minutes a day,a form of slavery!!?? And who was it that needed my daughter for a WHOLE afternoon to watch her own freakin kid!!??

There is so much more,and alot worse..but Id be here forever if I had to write dow every single detail.

She will NOT let me be a mother to my kids,she is constantly coming to my house to scream at me,she belittles me infront of my kids,she refuses to understand that I am the parent and she is so freakin nasty!

I am SICK of her! I have honestly thought seriously about leaving my husband because I am sick of wondering if she´ll burst through my front door with another one of her "opnions",and Im even scared to be a mother infront of her because she can get very agressive...I know she´d hit me!

What on earth am I supposed to do? Shes impossible..after 11 years and trying EVERYTHING,I know nothing will work and she´ll just carry on driving me and my kids absolutely insane!

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4 Responses Feb 3, 2009

I have the same problem with my mother in law! She is the cruelest human being I have ever met. I was always a wonderful mother to my 3 children! They were ALWAYS dressed the best, fed the most nutritious foods, I spent quality time with them each day, I taught them things to prepare them for school, we played, sang, when I worked I spent every penny on my children. My children are now 10, 11 and 12. She has recently told them that I gave them rotten milk to drink when they were babies, left them at her house all weekend, every weekend (that NEVER happened), told them the only time they drank water was when they were at her house. I am one who stayed mad at HER for feeding them unhealthy. I believe she is jealous that her son even got married. I could tell u stories that would make your jaw drop! Of course, my husband doesn't see it or is afraid she won't help him financially if he needs it. I finally stopped going over there and when she comes over I go to the back of the house. Since she can't get to me directly, she uses my children to run back and tell me hurtful things. Yet, my daughter is starting to catch on to her lies and finds it petty that she continually brings me up EVERYTIME they go over there! Your children will eventually see the difference between u and her! They will resent her for what she has done to hurt their mother!!!!

OOOOOhhhhhhh I pray for the day my mother in law would raise her hand to me. I would love to BUST all her teeth out of her mouth.

You Ve got to stand up for yourself love, Coz nobody will.

i would first look at your husband. Being a man, husband, father there is no way i would let anyone talk to my wife like that. You two being you and your husband need to have a serious talk. Your are there mother enough said. he should be all over his mothers case.