I Had Fun Today...

OK I found out from my kids that SIL & MIL dogs pissed on my couch. SIL ******** the blanket fast so it supposedly did not soak to the cushion. So I was like WTF! So I decided to put wood gates in my house to keep their dogs out of certain areas in my house. I know, I know WTF are they still living with us??? Well we are trying to be patient and wait for Section 8, welfare housing, to open so they can move. Well the way things are going they might be forced to move sooner than later. **** on both of them. SIL was crying and defending her dogs that they are locked up for 8+ hours a day while they are at work. I was trying to be nice to take their dogs out for them in the middle of the day but MIL kept complaining like always that I left her stupid dogs out too long. Yadda yadda yadda. Well SIL was fuming about how dare I put gates up in my house and that it is not her dog's fault on why they mess in my house cause they have been locked up for 8+ hours in bathroom. Well I had tried to be nice and let their dogs out in the middle of the day and MIL would complain that I let them out for too long. So I said F*** it! the stupid things can stay locked up. Well then SIL tarted putting the blame on my neice because she supposedly called her dog to her. And if that was the case why would her dog submissively roll over and start peeing all over himself and my couch. Stupid @ss dogs!!!So hubby starting yelling at his sister that why shouldn't I protect my stuff, from day one of them living with us their dogs have messed all over. So DH told them that he was NOT going to move my gates and if they want them moved then they better talk to me. HMMMMM we will see what happens tomorrow since MIL will be home, her day off, ugh...So gee no sympathy here my heart has turned to ice. I hope the worst thing for me tomorrow is me blowing up at MIL and telling her to get off my property...:-) And then when I got home the front door was left open and the only child home was in the garage watching a movie...My husband's family is just lame.

Some real winners.....

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Okay I used to work for a County District Clerk's office and for a lawyer, let me tell you the Sheriff's Deputy are not supposed to give legal advice. Since that is your house, you should be able to just kick her out. However if you want to be sure, go to the phone book and find an attorney that will talk to you over the phone with out charging and ask. That way you know. Don't know what state you live in, but here you can kick a freeloading sob or evil mil out if you want.

I enjoy reading your stories and am amazed that they're still living with you. I would have kicked them out if I were in the same situation. lol I don't think I have that much patience.

The reason they live with us was to help MIL out so she wouldn't have to worry about rent but she had to pay utilities...Well to find out she has bad spending habits. SIL is living with us because she was finding a new job and she had told me her dogs were house-broken...LOL yeah right! We are waiting for Section 8, welfare housing, to open up since MIL can not afford to pay for an apartment and none of her other children want her living with them either...I had called the Sheriff's office and they told me to force MIL out of my house I have to go through our County Attorney which will cost me more money.... We have to come up with money to clean the carpets, and clean her room properly..

Your SIL is such a loser. So childish, and then she blames your daughter? That's awful!<br />
<br />
Why are your SIL and MIL living in your house? Can't you and your husband find another place for them? I'd even give them first and last month's rent and kick them out if I were you.<br />
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Take it easy, you can do whatever you want in your house, including kicking them out if you feel fed up.