I Really Do Hate Her

Okay, so I know this might be kind of mean but I hate it that my husband gives his mother money every week. Is that normal, or I'm I just over reacting? That really makes me upset that she gets money that also comes from me not just his son, but she doesn't care she spends like theres no tomorrow. Okay on her birthday or mothers day or any holiday we give her presents and she never thanks me, she always just thanks him and tells him "thank you my son for the gift", I am standing right there in front of them and she just looks at me like I shouldn't even be there. I know that she doesn't like me either, not her other daughter in law, she is really jelouse of us because we married her sons. I guess she wanted to keep them for her self. But I know that sooner or later she won't be getting anymore of my money, if she wants to spend she's gonna have to get of her lazy *** and get a job.
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3 Responses Aug 7, 2007

Okay i give my mom money when i can but that is after all the bills are paid and to be honest. my hubby don't know. but for her to ignore your part in the gifts that you pick out is beyond stupid. but then again we are talking about MILs and they are nothing but stupid most times. but i agree she needs to get a job if she wants to spend like no tomorow. but at least you and the other sister in law have something in common.

That does seem weird...you and the kids become before MIL...does hubby know how you feel about MIL getting money?

It does sound odd that your husband gives her money every week.