Manipulative Old Weirdo!

Now, usually I never have to put up with the ol hosebeast, but here lately, she's suddenly shown an interest in my 3 year old daughter.  The only reason she's doing this at all is because i'm expecting another baby and she thinks in her little peabrain that she will take care of my older no!  She's the most manipulative, two faced, selfish person I have had the displeasure to ever come across.  It is well known that she thinks more of her two little dogs than my daughter (her only grandchild).  My daughter is scared of them because they bark, bite, and scratch.  I told MIL that I will not be back down to her house unless she puts the dogs up.  She refused saying that she's not going to be mean to her dogs like that.  So, i have not been down there since sept. of last year.  Mind you, she can stay gone all day long and leave the dogs by theirself then, but when i ask her to put them up because my kid is scared, no we can't do that.  what a *****.  whatever, i hated going down to their house anyways!!!  what i hate the most about what is going on now though, is that she is so stupid, she thinks i actually need HER help.  what an idiot!  what makes her think i would ever let her babysit, when she can't even put her dogs up for my child.  oh, by the way, she lives next door.  any thoughts???

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1 Response Feb 12, 2009

Don't give in! There are so many cases of dogs who aren't used to children getting jealous or not liking being teased and 'snapping'- child ends up in hospital or worse. Invite her round (when you can stand it!) for dinner or something so it doesnt seem like you're excluding her from your child's life but you also don't have to go round into her dog-home.