Pure Evil

My MIL is the most disgusting human being I have ever had the misfortune to meet.

When my husband was young, she molested him.  He told me this in a drunken stupor and has not shared any details.  I was shocked and confused, because he still has contact with her.   This was before I even met the woman.

Naturally, this sickened me and I was repulsed when I saw her and continued to be even more deeply repulsed at each unfortunate encounter.  She is just a waste of space on earth and I won't cry one tear when she dies. 

For the sake of my husband, who wished to have a relationship with her, I have had to deal with her for 9 long years.  On top of the background information on her incestous molestations - she is such a complete *****! Thank goodness she has only come to visit us a few times but during her last visit she went psycho and started yelling at me and screaming everything I have evern done to make her mad- that is not how I was raised to handle conflict.  She did all this in front of my daughter.  And I'm looking at this woman - missing front teeth, on welfare, poor hygiene, and ignorant - wondering how this person could be my MIL.  I just never imagined I would marry into a family like this - they are ALL on welfare, all dirty, all uneducated.  I'm not perfect but have earned a masters degree and know to keep myself clean!  And all I can think is - I don't care what I did to **** you off - you ******* molested your own child!  I just can't wrap my brain around it!  And my husband was trying to convince her to stay and work it out, which she did.  Before she left though I finally told her that I knew what she had done to her son.  Her reaction?  She doesn't speak to my husband, doesn't answer his calls...What does he do?  Drives the three hours to her house to confirm that she is intentially not answering/responding.  I guess they "worked" it out. 

Ugh...I love my husband but just feel that I don't want to be associated with his family at all anymore.  If we didn't have a two year old child then I would already be gone...

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1 Response Feb 13, 2009

Ignore your mother in law for the piece of crap that she is. Completely ignore her, no one likes to be ignoredl.