I LOVE MY HUSBAND. But i hate his mom and sister. no marriage is perfect and sacrifices are made by both. finally, we had some progress with that old witch and that b!itch of a sister.

when his sister found out that we were going to orlando for my bday she decided to guilt trip her way to get a free room and tickets but we already made plans with another couple to go. he started worrying that they were gonna cancel so he wanted to invite his sister. i immediately called the wife of the couple we're going with and she confirmed they were buyig their plane tickets next week when they get their tax refund. i let him know and he is disappointed  because he wanted to turn this into a family trip... i am HAPPY because i am not spending my birthday with her.

when i told my husband i wanted to take my mom to lake tahoe for her bday it turned into him inviting his parents too. but they made plans to go to hawaii for 2 months to visit his bro and his bro's family. my husband thinks that his brother is paying for their tickets (about $1500) plus 2 months of spending money while they are there. fortunately, i talked to his SIL and she told me that his bro made it clear that he couldn't afford to get their tickets. so if they go they have to come up with the money themselves. which is perfect because they won't be able to come up with another $700 for their plane tickets to tahoe! plus spending money. YAAAAY! we kinda got into it because i didn't know how taking my mom to tahoe turned into him inviting them too because i thought we were going to mexico with his parents on another trip, plus he wants to go with the other siblings to hawaii next year to visit. hopefully his parents will go to hawaii and be conveniently unavailable to go with us!

he knows i don't want to vacation with them but honestly, they are boring! and he acts soooo fake around them like a goodie 2 shoes and i hate it because he expects me to act all fake too! now why would i wanna go on vacation like that?!

his family tries to act like they are perfect but they are trash. i hate people like that. then they turn around and judge everyone else and make up rumors about his relatives. blah blah blah family values my a$$. they don't like me because i put  a stop of him giving his parents money (mainly MY money) every paycheck, because I'm buddhist and won't convert to catholicisim and because i don't let them control me or him if i can help it!

i always read and comment other people's experiences and one thing we all have in common is that once these MIL's **** us off anything they do fron then on will **** us off. All i can say is: FIGHT BACK, respectfully. No matter how small a victory you get, embrace it, because they are few and far in between. let them hate you the way you hate them. in hispanic families, when you marry in you have to go thru an abusive initiation to the family where they treat you like crap until you've paid your dues then you get respect. his brother has been married for 8 years and his wife is still paying her dues so who knows how long it will take but I'm not gonna just take their crap... i'm a fighter and they better watchout because i can only stay nice for so long before i come out fighting for a knock out!

VegaLove VegaLove
31-35, F
Feb 15, 2009