This Time She Has Gone Too Far


I hate my Mother in Law.... Boy does that sound good to declare   I can deal with the fact that for over 20 yrs she has made it plain that I am not good enough for her son. I can deal with the fact that I am a disappointment because I failed to produce a grandson. I can even deal with her constant snide remarks about the way I have raised my 4 daughters.   But this time she has gone too far…. .Just over a year ago we had to tell her that one of her grandson’s had abused our daughter. At the time he was 17 and she was 11. Since they have grown up a bit.    We decided we never wanted to see the abuser again. He told his parents (as I suggested it would be better coming from him than anyone else). They wrote to us defending him. Eventually we said enough is enough, Goodbye!   Our daughter has not gone to the police or anything for the sake of the family. In the past year MiL has not visited our house, and has made no attempt to speak to our daughter. But she has visited my BiL and their son in several occasions.  Can you imagine how devastated my daughter feels? Doing that to a kid who had a breakdown is nasty.   In the summer when I went and stayed to babysit FiL so MiL could be there for her sister who was in hospital. At the end of the week she told me I could not use my daughters abuse as an excuse to cause a family feud. I have never discussed my side of the events. She also told me that since he had apologised we should just forget it. Well I told her he had not apologised. That shut her up.   MiL invites hubby's nephew to everything, knowing what he did and how we feel about him.   BLAAAA!    
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Well his parents have not only defended him, but protected him. They wrote to us after our daughter's 18th. Until she was 18 we could have gone to the police, and they had to look into this regardless of what she said or not said. After 18 she has to report it to the police himself. <br />
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My MiL has been misled by his parents so she believes their version, apart from which he's the only person who can carry the family name.

I feel for you and your daughter! you know what i have just made the decision to cut my MIL out of me and my daughters life.. to save her from the future heartbreak.. my daughter is 15mnths old and for the last year of her life is constantly critized and ignored by my MIL something i got sick of and though my daughter cant understand wat my MIL is saying i can.. unfortunatly it will cause problems between me and my partner but sometimes u need to just cut those certain people out of your life thata are constantly critizisng and ignoring you...your situation is obviously more severe but i would cut her out say thasnks for nothing and try and get on with things.. i think its disgusting shes almost protecting the boy... he was 17? he had no excuse not to know what was right and wrong he should have known better... i hope everything turns out ok and all the best for the future in dealing with the "oh so helpful" MIL