They Just Make Us Shake Our Heads...

As most of you know, MIL & SIL and their 2 rodent dogs live with us and has been for 5 days shy of 16 months. So it has been HELL in my house and my life. Well the one good thing so far is they are moving out, MIL has been packing her **** out of my kitchen, and packing some of her knick-knacks out of my living room. In the beginning I was trying to be nice and make her feel more comfortable by letting her have her stuff in my house. And then I woud sacrifice my space and life for a short amount of time until our dream house got built. LOL Not so! You will have to read my other nag-fests to get upated...So anyway SIL does pay us $200 rent for living in our apartment. Which of course is better than nothing but still when she helps skyrockets the electricity bill it just doesn't cover the difference. MIL & SIL are looking really hard for an apartment so they can keep their dogs. The female dog is expecting pups soon, and they are going to sell the pups for $350 each. And of course we won't see one dime of that money either.  

Our issues are that the outlaws complain that their dogs are locked up for 10-11 hours a day due to they work. I have helped in the past by letting their dogs out a few times a day so they won't have accidents in my house. Well MIL would complain that I leave dogs out for hours and blah blah blah. Well yesterday SIL had day off because it was President's Day, she had taken her dogs outside and then put them away again so she could run into town to look at buying a used car. She has saved $2000 so far. When I found out she left I checked MIL room to make sure the lights were turned off and guess what I saw on the floor. A pile of POOP! So just for our evidence I took a pic of it with my cellphone and called my husband to let him know. How evil of me right? Well husband was like 'sheesh', let me handle it. So his sister ended up calling him later in the afternoon wanting to know if he would go with her to check out a car. Then she changed her mind because the cars she is looking at are $3000 or more and she would have to finance the balance, and it doesn't help that she just went bankrupt herself. SIL has made good money but has bad spending habit and didn't bother paying off her debt she had built up about 3 1/2 years ago. So DH confronted his sis on the phone about her dogs pooping in the house not but 30 minutes after she left. And that is the reason why her dogs are not aloud in parts of my house now nor up in the apartment. And whenever MIL & SIL are running around together in town they lik to come home after 8 or 9 PM so it ends up being 12-14 hours of their dogs left in the room ******* & ******** in there, but it is ok to them until we complain to them bout the messes. And then they try to blame my dogs for the messes in my house of blame my kids. Whatever they are the dog owners that give us good dog owners a bad reputation. They are not willing to pay for the cleaning of the carpets when they move out so I told DH that if they want our help to move and we have to use our own vehicles that they better put gas in our trucks. I am so sick and tired of paying for everything and take advantage whenever they can.

So this morning my daughter overheard MIL talking to someone on her cellphone telling them they she is going to send some of her stuff back to them. Probably Arizona... and then after I get home from taking my kids to the bus stop, I usually call my DH to say Hi to him since I don't really get to see him in the morning before he goes to work. Over the phone my DH said he had overheard his mom & sis talking about how his mom is thinking about surrendering her truck back to the dealership so she could have more money and then possibly save a couple hundred a month to buy a used car herself. LOL this coming from a woman that can't save a dime living with us and if my memory serves me right that she has already gone through 2 bankruptcies already. Plus she had to have a brand new truck before she moved to Montana with us. Her credit is so bad that her payments are $500 a month. How she even got qualified for that amount I have no idea. Anyway before she got her truck she had a perfectly good Mitsubishi SUV, I think it was a Morano, anyway it would have been paid off by now but she was not good with vehicle maintenance and let it go way past checkups and tuneups. So it just amazes us on how "stupid" my husband's family is, and then it doesn't help that they sugar-coat the truth on what goes on here. Luckily MIL is still telling everyone that things are fine and great here but SIL tells everyone we pick on her dogs and she doesn't understand why we don't like her 4-legged children' WHAAAH! I do feel bad for SIL because she will be 29 this year and never has had a boyfriend nor sex and she is the replica of her mother in so many inconderate ways. SIL is severely over weight and complains about it but is not willing to get off her @** to walk or exercise. She usually comes home from work and eats dinner then goes upstairs and sits for hour at her computer playing online games 'til 11pm or midnight and then on her days off  it is the whole day at the computer or shopping in town eating junkfood. Gotta tell this too, SIL was popping diet pills there for awhile and was complaining I was't cooking healthy enough dinners for them so they would be picky about what I cooked and then eat just a little complaining they were full but then I would catch MIL & SIL eating junkfood late at night and drinking diet sodas instead of water....they can't live without Diet sodas...

Just amazing!!

goingnumb goingnumb
36-40, F
Feb 17, 2009