My MIL looks like John Travolta w/ a wig on. She looks like a dam transvestite it's so scary. When I go over to my inlaws I can see her staring at me at the corner of my's so bad..I have nightmares of her looking at me. My MIL would not let my own best friend be my maid of honor in our wedding becuase she says she's Italian and not Armenian therefore she cannot be the maid of honor. SO i was fored to ask my husband's sister to be the maid of honor! I did it to cut the DRAMA. Iam asain and my husband is Lebanese and Iam tired of hearing about "their traditions and cultures and blabla"  its so dam AANOOOOOOOOOOOOying!!!!!!!!

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3 Responses Feb 17, 2009

Vegalove is right. Don't let your MIL bully you. If you want your friend to be your maid of honor then that should be your decision not hers. YOu're the one getting married not her! You'll end up regretting your decision later on if you let her control you.

never let your MIL bully you into doing anything you don't wanna do! my MIL has been trying to get me to convert to catholicism for years but I am not going to change my religious beliefs for anyone! your wedding should have been done your WAY. if you live in america you are automatically bi-cultural... so your culture is asian, american AND now, lebanese. next time she says something about their culture, tell her you have your own culture too! in case she didn't notice you were uh... ASIAN!

do you need some holy water ?