She Is a Horrible Witch

I am not even married to my fiancee yet and I don't even want her at the wedding! From the time when we began dating, only seniors in high school, she has gone out of her way to make me feel uncomfortable. Her and her husband drink a lot and say the most vulgar innappropriate things. I agreed to spend thanksgiving with them this year, hoping to create a relationship since I had just found out I was pregnant. The only time the baby was even mentioned the whole day was when her husband turned to my fiancee and said, "So, I heard you got one past the goalie!" And then it was brough up again by her, only right before she changed the subject to abortion! Does that seem to anyone else like she was making a suggestion? Then, when she found out through her other son that my fiancee and I were offended by that she called him to yell at him, uninvite him to Christmas (fine by me) and then hang up. She has not called since, but has recently started up emailing my fiancee and acting like nothing is wrong. I told him that if she asks about the baby he'd better tell her that it's none of her business unless she wants to apologize for the way she behaved. If she was really innocent and did not mean to make it look like she was suggesting abotrtion, then she would have apologized, rather than getting mad. I really cannot stand this woman. I know that at our wedding, she and her husband will get drunk like they always do and do something innappropriate. 

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never will. you got to stick up for yourself!

go get married in court with your best man and maid of honor as witnesses. you're already pregnant anyway. as amanda said to the woman at the dress shop "the jig is up..." from when she was preparing to marry steve in sex & the city. if this is how you feel now, you're gonna hate her more as the years go by. trust me. a lot of the ladies in this group have been married for decades and began hating their MIL's from the beginning! once the word abortion came out of her mouth you should know she has no respect for you whatsoever. breastfeed your baby, gives you a nice escape when his parents come visit. besides you don't want alcoholics holding your baby. if your husband doesn't stick up for you now, he