Mother In Law, Blech

I have been married to her son for years and years. His ex remains single. Yet my mother in law invites HER and her boyfriend to Christmas and Thanksgiving and not us! Talk about a stupid biotch! Can you believe that?
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haha.... I apologize for laughing. My step-father's mother invites his ex-wife to our holiday gatherings, that my mother puts on.... just passive aggressive crap. Don't give that crap a second thought. That is her problem. Dont give her the satisfaction of letting her know it means something to you. My inlaws have be a real pain in my butt since day one. They have not liked me since day one and my husband and I have been married for 19 years. Some people are just Darn Crazy. Be the bigger person, walk all over that crap. hahahaha... seriously don't let the little people worry you.

Very crazy, I would be ok to not have to deal with my MIL for quite a while

I guess the MiL remained friends with his ex, but curtsey would say she should leave the past in the past and make effort with the current partner.<br />
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My MiL ranted to my then boyfriend when he first brought me home saying "what is wrong with Odette?" "she is the mother of your child put her first not HER" (meaning me) "you should finish with HER and get back with Odette, that will only ever make your dad and me happy". Oooh, never mind making Mark happy just as long as they get what they want, his ex!!<br />
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well i do agree with you there she is a big one. but be thankful that you dont' have to deal with her. I would rather mine not be in my life.