Mines a Real B Itch

some one called my mother asking for me she says sally doesnt live here any

more 2 women cant live in 1 house . she didnt have to say that . i dont botther reacting becalse my husband

still has his rosed colored glassess on when it comes to her . he makes me feel like the bad

guy oh you dont really now mother treasa , what ever .

making it like she kicked us out. the b itch ! we moved out after paying her a ss 700.00

every month buying our own food and fixing what ever she b itched about what a b itch

she wanted my husband to pay off her car then she would make payments to

him yeah good luck. she must think hes stupid. she bought his tredmill

for his poor poor sister for 200.00 we havent seen a payment its been 3 weeks

bet she wont pay for it shes such a b itch i cant stand her .

it makes me so sick every sunday we have to go see her i do all i can to slow us

down so we only have a hour to vistit . if i didnt have to see her for the rest of my

life i wouldnt mind shes fake self centered and a real b itch.

i cringe when she hugs me and says i love you hun

we ran into her monday at the dollar store shes hugs me and says

well you can efford to come here and cant come see me she laughted

iam just kidding i know she wanst .

26-30, F
2 Responses Feb 18, 2009

ty <br />
I really dont want to see her on sundays<br />
i break out in hives just having to go.

girl... if you don't wanna go on sunday, don't go! let your husband take the kids or gfo by himself. you either get some much needed alone time or some quality time with the kids. fight back! don't take her BS.