I Hate Her!

I have been with my husband for just over 11 years and i have hated not just his mother but is whole family since 3 years into our relationship.

There has been small things like calling a fat cow and taking the mickey out of my height (5"1) ect but the most annoying things happened about 4 years ago.  About 4 years ago we were going to a wedding in cornwall, we had booked some flights and were due to stay for over 3 days but something happened finaically and we were unable to stay for the full 3 days.  It worked out cheaper to cancel our flights, drive down and only stay for 1 night.  This caused a massive arguement with my husbands family (something that happens all the time).  They told my husband that he alaways ruins everything and that he should bother coming if we are going to do that.  So massive argument but we still went even though they didn't want us there.  Obviuosly that made my husband fill like poo.

The next massive thing was our wedding. OMG they caused all sorts of problems and through a fit the night before the wedding (in a resutrant, with all our friends and family) all beacuase we were both having a double barralled name.

Now Valentines day, my husband had this lovely plan to take me out and wine and dine me but we get to the resturant and his whole family are there.  My huband was not happy but did not say anything!!  Our first year as a married couple and the mother, father, sister and husband are all there. 

I know this doesn't sound like much in between all of these things there has been name calling, lies, tears.  My husband and i argue so much about his family, all the problems they cause.  Now that i am pregnant they don't ask me anything about it they are not interested.  I hate them so much i don't want them to have anything to with our child.

Now i have my husband's 30th birthday and have to spend a whole evening with them.  I am not allowed to drink as i am pregnant but that is how i would normally block out an evening with them!!

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2 Responses Feb 18, 2009

if thats how it is now, its gonna get worse when the baby comes. my advice: breastfeed! i love it! not only is it best for your baby but you can disappear to your room to hide out and be away from them. thats what i do. tip, ask your husband politely, not to call his family immediately after you have the baby. wait a couple days after you get home & are all settled in because the 1st week is the hardest!

I know exactly how you feel believe me! My MIL lives with me!! Don't let them get the best of you, put on that smile all night... kill them with kindness. Then you and your husband celebrate the next weekend!!<br />