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I'm a new member. I can certainly empathize with everyone here! I don't even know where to begin. I married my high school sweetheart 21 years ago in May. It wasn't all bad in the beginning. She never really  bothered me. The MIL had gotten a divorce when we were married just about 5 years. Her ex husband, had moved out to AZ.  Then she started coming over to our house every Sunday for dinner and stay all day. Wasn't bad at first, then she'd come over on the weekends we weren't home either!

My husband and I went out to AZ for a vacation to see his Dad. We absolutely loved it out there. We decided we were going to eventually move out there with our three children. My parents were also out there as well. My husband decided he couldn't move from Boston to AZ and leave his mother behind. We were going to get a house with a in laws apartment.  ( I also had agreed, she was 60 and living in her home alone ) So the plan was... she was going to sell her house first and come move in with us until we were ready to leave ( the kids could finish the year out ) Well she changed her mind when we were nearing our little adventure, she'd cry to my husband saying we lived too far from her job! ( mind you we lived in the next town 10 minutes away if that!! ) He felt bad... ( i did too, to a degree ) So the five of us packed up our home in May of 1999,  sold it and moved in with her. ( my kids never got to finish the school year ) All we wanted was to go out to AZ

Her house need soo much work just to put on the market, we ended up staying here for 7 months! Now we are in December of 1999. My middle son who was 6 at the time took sick. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor. My parents drove from AZ to Boston in 3 days to be with us. But had to leave the following week, due to my mother's poor health and her Dr.s appointments. My son had surgery and everything went fine. Do you know my MIL worked the whole time and didn't even watch our other 2 children! She didn't even cook them supper!! ( they were 11 and 5 )  Thank god for some GREAT friends! ( you can pick them )

My parents ended up coming back to Boston, since there was no way we were going to move to AZ with my son's health problems. AZ doesn't exactly have good medical. Boston is the best!!

We looked at house after house, this MIL found fault with every house, not enough cabinets, too small, basement is not big enough, not enough storage, etc... Needless to say I'm still in her H**L hole!

Looking at her make me instantly aggravated! We will be eating dinner at the table ( she eats in her room ) when she brings her dish back she will keep repeating my husband's name until he answers her, interrupting our conversations. She will ignore my daughter too. Our daughter will be sitting on the couch with our son, MIL will only speak to my middle son. ( he looks just like my husband ) and not too her. Unfortunately none of our children like her, and my parents are both gone now. I just feel like my husband should stick up for us. He doesn't even have a relationship with her. We all live in the same house and we don't talk to this woman!! He says if he had to do it again, he'd leave her behind. I have so much resentment now, I'm willing to move out!! I can't stand her!! She'll even snicker if we have a argument. ( thank god we usually don't fight much ) I can't keep my cool any longer... it's been 10 years and 3 surgeries for my son!! She's just unbelievable!! Help!

One more thing... She worked on the day our oldest son graduated from high school, and again on his graduation party... All her family was there except the witch!!

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move out! let her live alone or in senior apts! do not put up with her crap. your children should love their granny not hate her. if she can't be considerate towards u & your family then she can **** off!