FIGHT Back!!!

LADIES... do not be a victim to your MIL! If your husband won't stick up for you, stick up for yourself! I will no longer let my MIL treat me like SH!T. And when his sister picks up where mama left off, i throw blows at her too! If they wanna talk about me, i'll give them something good to talk about! i refuse to be a door mat, i refuse to let them disrespect me, i refuse! i will not take their nonsense! and you shouldn't either.

if your MIL & you live with her, MOVE OUT! if she lives with you, tell your hubby he needs to talk to his sibblings and that they should all pitch in to take care of her. MIL's should be living with their daughters! not their sons! if your kids don't like their grandma, then she has to go. your relationship will get better as long as she isn't in your house all the time.

don't be forced to spend time with her either. if your hubby wants to spend time with her, let him go alone or with the kids, I'm sure you could use the alone time. lets fight back and regain our sanity. who's with me?!

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i am so glad that you are all with me! thanks for your support, Im here for you too! ladies, we gotta stick together!

I'm with you too! It took my husband a long time to get on board and my biggest regret is that I didn't stand up and do something about it myself years ago. He's on board now so there's no sense in dwelling on what I could have/should have done but we've decided her BS and causing problems between the 2 of us is D O N E! She and my SIL are not welcomed in our home, any time they want to spend with our children will be highly supervised and if they refuse to straighten up for those visits they won't see them at all, and I'm not the least bit interested in speaking to either of them so I'm not. <br />
<br />
There is so much stress and anxiety gone from my life that I feel like a completely new person. Of course they're both still trying to cause problems but I've taken a stand on this and their opinions, BS, manipulation, lies, and drama are not stepping foot into my home.

me me memememe!

Yep I am with you too, I have had enough of MIL bullshit! I am not sure how much DH wants to spend time with his mom anymore. At first my husband was complaining to me that I was ruining his relationship with his mom, well after marriage counseling his eyes were opened and saw that his own mom was ruining not just his relationship but was also ruining our marriage. I am still amazed on how inconsiderate and 2 faced his family is. The newest is MIL was going to give us $500 and then recanted and then told us that if she gets any money from her tax return she woud give that to us to help pay for things LOL what a ****-faced liar. She received her tax return last week and kept it for herself. I am so glad to be rid of MIL. YAHOO!! 1 1/2 weeks and counting down til she is gone....

I'm with you on this one!!! I think everyone should not take sh*t from MILs. We moved out and forbid her to see our kids for two years now....I'm thinking forever. My MIL talk so much sh*t about everyone and I don't want my kids picking up her bad habits.