DING Dong...

the B****es will soon be GONE!!! Yep that is right both MIL & SIL have found an apartment and they will be gone and out of my life in 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. LALALALALALALALALALALALA I can't wait for them, their ****, their dogs to be out of my life...... I get to paint my house the colors i want (no worries, I like neutral brown shades) and we can finally finish the bathroom for my boys in the apartment and paint up there too.......YEAH! I will never ever let anyone from DH's family visit for longer than a few days nor will I ever let any of them live with us again. I don't deserve their B***SH**, the only thing I have to do now is wait for them to move so I can deep clean my whole house again. Washing walls, washing windows, scrubbing the tile floor in Masterbath due to dogs messing in there too. YUCK! and then we are going in half with some friends down the road from us on a industrial carpet cleaner. Then when we can save money we are putting in Hardwood floors in the Dining room, living room and hallway and then get new carpet for the bedrooms. Oh my gosh I can't wait and then I can finally organize my house. I love a lived in house not a museum, the only rooms I like really organized is my kitchen and craft room. Everywhere else just has to be neat enough that my husband can walk in the room without playing Godzilla.....LOL...that fun joke is real, if there is anything on the floor no matter if it is in the corner, for some reason my husband ends up stepping on it and then yells out 'SON OF A BUCK!' And then he gets mad at me because he stepped on whatever it was. LOL I love my husband very much, he was even a bit giddy last night when he told me his mom & sis had found a place and they would be out of our hair. I think I will get my camera and take pics of all MIL **** in my house and post them here so you guys can see the amount of **** she has... Thank you all or your support through this nightmarish bitchfest! Have a great day and now I am going to take pics LOL

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congratulations! make sure they don't take any of your kitchen stuff..lol j/k!!!

Congratulations! I can tell how excited you are . <br />
<br />
Painting, cleaning, organizing....you've got me worn out just thinking about it!