I Just Break Out In Hives

This is sad we have been moved out from her 4 weeks ago

and every sunday I have to go over to her house I just hate it! I

break out in hives and i get sick . . i want to barff

having to go see her i hate it! today she called and wants to take my daughter

with her grand daughter to the movies well the movie my daughter wants to see is about

2 hours long well the movie her grand daughter wants to see iam not sure is playing

at the movies ,so my daughter sujested the other movie ,grandma replys back

if the movie goes passed 12pm i cant see to drive home.

i told my husband this and hes stumped, i said damn almost laughting

is she that damn blind 12 noon and cant see to drive home?

give up your driving if you cant see . its funny as h ell . so i told my

daughter grandmas making it tooo compatated but i know she really wants us

to take the girls to the movies here we go again with that sleep over

crap when i ask was my daughter good? oh yeah she replys then3 days

later oh i dont want to upset sally but her daughter . and here we go again

with that crap so i put a stop to the bs. and here we go again granny

wont take the girls with out a price . and now i find out that the granddaughter,

thats my daughters age is now going to stay all night with her moma,

mmm boy i saw that one comming ,the old witch didnt have the brass

to tell us she didnt really want my daughter to go .so she gets out of taking my

daughter to the movies mmm . i dont think she expected my daughter to

want to go see the movie , boy its what i thought she really didnt want to take the girls

mmm oh i cant see in the dark yeah 12 noon it dont get dark

just like i thought ... she makes me so sick all her damn games

i think she wanted to throw that out there so her son

would say mom we will take the girls

to the movies beens you cant see after 12 noon.... what a head game .

and you cant wonder why i dont want any thing to do with her

mmmmm. cant wait mothers day will be comming up beofr long ..

i cant wait to see the real price behind

this little nice nice day. theres always something behind it. iam sick of the nice

nice darn games. ive seen her for who she is.

26-30, F
Feb 19, 2009