Had to Share...

OK everyone, my husband had fun again last night with his family. I had made dinner like always, and was baking cookies for my boys and DH, MIL & SIL finally came home (they carpool together). So MIL decided to do a load of wash in my laundry room, no big deal except she likes to unload whatever load I have in there and then she piles it on the dryer instead of putting it in the dryer. I know what a B****, so she had turned on the light in the laundry room and ends up leaving it on and then coming into kitchen to fix herself a plate. Nothing fancy just spaghetti, so I was taking the cookies off of the sheet pan and went to the sink to scrape off cookie crumbs for the next batch. Well MIL never turned off the light so I did and then after MIL & SIL left dining room I commented to hubby. So guess what he did? He took the bloody lightbulbs out of the fixture. LOL So he stayed in the house to see what his mom would do and say, well it was very interesting. She had finally come out of her room to grab her wash and tried turning on the light and then looked up and looked around and asked my DH if the lights had gone out. He said 'No but someone had left the lights on, so I took out the bulbs.' So then she was like 'Oh well I guess you guys are going to live in the dark then.' And that is when DH turned to his mom and told her that she was the one that left the light on. Then she was like trying to act innocent and said, "When?",  so DH told her that after she put the load in she came right into the kitchen to fix her plate and that is when I (me) turned off the light for her. Then she threw attitude to DH and DH turned around again and told her then she should pay the F****** electricity bill. Well MIL blew up and DH said that he is tired of being nice and that he is tired of the inconsiderate behavior from both of them. And then DH threw it in their face that they better be glad he never charged his mother rent!!!.

Then DH came out to the garage to tell me what happened and luckily I was folding laundry out there. His mom ends up coming out there to talk to DH and she was doing the pity thing and apologizing profusely to him and was like why did you have to talk to me like that and all he had to do was say 'Mom you left the light on again!' and she claims she would have turned around and turned it off. Well to tell everyone here, every tiime we have told her she left the light on she would mumble and grumble and throw temper-tantrums. This coming from a 60 1/2 year old lady who doesn't pay for S*** and keeps (Indian giving) money to us. This last time with money she told us she was going to give us her tax return LOL Yeah right, the B**** kept it. Then SIL came to garage and started yelling at us for making her mom upset. And she was trying to say that my kids always leave the lights on. LOL Yeah right! My kids know that we work hard to pay the bills and we question them all the time if they turn off the lights. OK this is a kicker, SIL claims she knows that it takes more energy to turn on & off a light than just leaving the lights on for 15-20 minutes when they are not using them. Hmmmm anyway want to elaborate on that one??? So why is it said to us nationally for us to turn off lights when they are not in use? Oh I know, no matter what, they are not paying for electricity so they think it is free.

OK you all will have to go check out my pics, I was able to take pics of all MIL crap except in the kitchen becasue she actually has packed most of it. Just look under MIL stuff, soon I will get picsw of SIL crap too. I did take pics yesterday but found out that the higher pixel quality made them too big to upload to here. So I took lower pixel quality and am sharing the mess with you guys.....LOL....I know I am so evil but I sort of wanted the pics to remind me of how "PERFECT" my MIL is (a PERFECT SLOB) LOL. So go check out the pics and let me know what you think. Take care!

goingnumb goingnumb
36-40, F
Feb 20, 2009