Not Looking Forward to Summer!

I'm really trying hard to be optomistic this year about summertime, but when my mil lives next door, and can basically see everything I do, it's really hard sometimes.  She's so nosy and doesn't have a life of her own, so she has to butt into mine.  I'm currently pregnant with my second child and she's suddenly being nice to me.  In her stupid peabrain she thinks i'm gonna need her help with my 4 year old when the baby is born.  I can't even begin to tell you the stories of the horrible things her and my sil have done to me over the past 6 years i've been married to my husband.  Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with her living so close?  Moving is not an option, and I can take up for myself and kids, but dh still thinks he has to be up her butt.  It drives me crazy!!!  Anybody????

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i wish i had some good advice my MIL lives over 100 miles away and still manages to jerk my husband around like a puppet on strings. <br />
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I can set boundaries for myself, but my hubby and MIL overrides everything i say for "his son" since i adopted him. It is VERY frustrating. My only advice is to set boundaries and stick to them as much as you ca.

omg i feel for you . dont let her upset you that it puts your health and your babys health on the line . living with my mother in law i had a stroke this time last year .<br />
i know the mother in law live off the pain they love to cause you . i couldnt even dream living so closte to your mother in law . get nurve pills that may help. ive been put on nerve pills dealing with mine . i dont call her i wont speak to her unless i have to . and just thinking about sundays when i have to visit her makes me break out in hives. i really hate to say it but the day she dies i will have peace . i hate that i feel like that but its the turth . my husband cant see all the evil she does , they brain wash the sons .