I Hate My Transvestite Looking Mil W/ a Passion..

I haven't even been 2 years married to my husband and my MIL is making our marriage fall apart. Everyday I'm arguing w/ my husband about how ANNNOYING AND TWOFACED she is it's really getting bad. My whole entire energy is used in HATING THIS ***** I can't help feeling this way shes so up my *** all the ****** time. She is controlling, twofaced, nosey, annoying, loudmouth, she loves to twist stories around and make me look like the BAD PERSON AAAALLLL THE TIME and of course my dum *** sister inlaws whom I cant stand either buys into her BULLSHIT! Seriously I don't know what to do, yesterday I coulndt handle it anymore in the middle of a heated argument w/ my husband (about my MIL) I picked up the phone and I COMPLETELY WENT OFF ON THE ***** FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME. I TOLD HER HOW I HONESTLY FELT ABOUT HER BLABLABLA AND THAT SHE IS UNWELCOMED AT OUR HOUSE FROM NOW ON AND THAT SSHE WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO SEE HER GRANDSONS! HAHA! I KNOW THAT SOUNDS ****** UP BUT OH WELL.. I DO NOT WANT OUR KIDS TOO BE AROUND SOMEONE WHO IS LIKE HER! IT IS MY RIGHT TO FEEL THAT WAY AND I DONT GIVE A **** WHAT ANYBODY SAYS.  neways, thats my story.. yah i used to be that sweet innocent daughterinlaw of hers who always kissed and literally licked her *** all the ****** time just to make my husband happy but you know what? *** kissing and being sweet and innocent just made her step all over me like there was no tomorrow. I am soooooo done putting up w/ her negative energy and negative comments about me and this and that and that and this! I SWEAR TO BE HER NIGHTMARE ******* DAUGHTER INLAW! IM TIRED OF BEING NICE! SO RIDICULOUS! BUT HEY IT FELT SO GOOD TO CUSS HER OUT AND PUT HER IN HER PLACE! 

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3 Responses Feb 22, 2009

I also have a ANNNOYING AND TWOFACED MIL and 3 dum *** sisters inlaws . From now on you are my role model.

Your MIL sounds like mine, or at least closely related. Don't take her **** anymore, and stay far away and don't open your heart to her. You and your kids do not need her crap. You have every right to defend yourself and your kids from her destructive behavior. After 17 years of being with my DH I am so done with his mom. She can die and I would not miss her right now. I was stupid enough to open my heart and home to her 16 months ago and that was the worst mistake ever. It hurt me, my kids, and was hurting my marriage until DH & I saw a marriage couselor and opened my DH eyes on the whole situation. Luckily MIL is moving out and will be out this Saturday!! Never again will we ever help that ungrateful, inconsiderate ***** out. Kudos on ripping your MIL a new @**, maybe that will get her to back off of you. Good luck and hopefully things are already looking up for you...

about time!!!! i hate when mils think they could control everyone's lives. even if their kid already has a family. my ****** mil won't see her grandkids forever..hahahah im evil but i don't care..your mil is exactly how my mil behaves...she's loud, obnoxious, two-faced backstabbing *****, makes herself look better by talking **** about others...etc.......i NEVER kissed her ***. how i feel usually shows on my face so there's no way around it...i just can't help myself so when im pissed...i usually just stay quiet but when it's too much i confront her, lay out everything on the table of what she did to me in front of my fil and my husband. i'm confrontational but still try to be respectful although she didnt deserve any respect. <BR><BR>it's been two years since the last time she saw my first child...never met the second and will never ever see the one on the way...i dont care what anyone thinks. i don't want my kids to be around her negative energy and picking up her bad habits of lying and backstabbing. so glad, my husband feels the same...we even talked about if ever she's on a deathbed....(she'll prolli outlive me) she's still not allowed to see her grandkids..that's how much i fuckn hate her!!! she did so much shittt to me i don't even know where to begin..<BR><BR>well, im so glad you told her off!! so she knows you won't put up with her shitt..and who cares about her daughters..theyll always side with her..like mother like daughter...she prolli brainwashed them..just worry about your new baby and your husband..i hope he sees the light or beat him to see it..lol j/k!