I Don't Know What to Do About My Mother In Law

My soon to be Mother in law and I used to be good freinds that was until she found out that her son is getting married and joining the army. Now all she does is try to turn us against each other. She actually had the nerve to call my fiance' Chirs up and suggest me going into the army with him. Knowing that we have to kids together under the age of 4. She told him that I would probably get a desk job and be put on a base somewhere so he shouldn't worry because women don't go to the front lines so it would be perfect for me to go with him. Does she not watch the news or read the papers. She even said she would watch my kids for 4 years until I returned. So not only does she hate me but now she is trying to find ways to kill me off. Any advice.
SalasLady SalasLady
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3 Responses Aug 12, 2007

yep, sounds like she wants the kids and you out of the way. wicked. I don't know her reasoning, but you know what you need to do. Stand your ground, your kids need there mommy:) Be Strong ALLways

Ha ha, she definitely wants your kids, for 4 whole years! whee plenty of time and opportunities to turn them into mini her and against you!<br />
<br />
Stand tall and stamp her down.<br />
<br />

Not kill you off just take your kids is what i think. Or maybe i am just kinda seeing it from a jaded point of view. but if you don't want to enlist dont. and dont let her talk your so to be hubby out of enlisting if that is what you both want and agree to. You for sure want her in your life as little as possible.