Crazy Mil

i am married to a man 18 years my senior, his parents are well to do and about 75-78 years old, about 6 months after my hubby and i tied the knot,  my dad in law came to stay with us while working on a consulting project in our state, he is like the father i never had and we get along great about 3months into his stay my MIL call all 3 of my sisterinlaws and tells them i have "stolen her husband" and i have been sleeping with him the whole time in order to get my hands on the family fortune, my sisterinaws called me and threatened physical violence if i didnt leave their daddy and his money alone (they dont even call him on his birthday) the whole mess has been very embaressing and every body in our small town has been told by dear MIL (she used to live here) that i am a ***** and nympho and aparently like men who are 60 years my senior. as a result i am not even allowed to speak to my dad inlaw with out MIL supervision and his phone records are checked by the sisterinlaws at mommys direction. the whole thing is so sick and perverted  

haditinewood haditinewood
1 Response Feb 23, 2009

It sounds like you have married yourself into quite the carnival. I would try to avoid them at all costs.