How Sad Is This

well what can i say my mother in law was and i mean was a wonderful person but who new that she would be like the Grinch who staled Christmas now  where dose Christmas come in, in all of this well we me and my husband had are 1st child in 2003 and then followed by are son in 2005 well let me go back i was pregnant of my son 2004 it and we were living in a small town called greenfield 30 min away from my mother in law well she decided to bye us a car so we can visit and have a safe care for are family because belive me the car that my husband had well it was OK at list for him. well everything was going good for us till here ex boy toy came out of jail and it was Christmas night when she decided to tack back the car from us so she can give it to the boyfriend ya ya she chose a one night thing over here child  which was my husband. what do u say was that so messed up she even had the cops in valved just in case my husband did not give here the car so do i win in this category. but the years passed and she got what she deserved here boy toy maid here sail the car and he left here stranded in los vages.

Lgardner2 Lgardner2
26-30, F
Feb 24, 2009