Don't Know What to Do..

Ok so some of you know the other day I cussed out my MIL cuz I just couldn't handle her BULLSHIT anymore. Well, I'm glad I finally had the nerve to put her in her place but my husband's been acting weird ever since. He says he's not mad at me but I know he is. He is just acting distant not himself w/ me. So wtf do I do now.. try to make it ok w/ my MIL? HECK ******* NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT ******* ***** STARTED THIS WHOLE THING I ******* HATE HER SO MUCH. but I'm sad cuz of my hubb..  This is so ****** up.

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2 Responses Feb 25, 2009

No, you do not kiss your MIL's *** just because your husband is mad! Your husband needs to get over it, and realize that you are his wife- not his mother! My husband gets mad at me ahen I talk **** about his useless mother, but I don't really care if he gets mad. He never stands up to her and that makes ME mad! Just make sure your hubby knows that your feelings come first!

hey, iv been thru a similar situation i ended up emailing my mil not being mean but not being nice just telling her wat the situation is and its not re her grandchild she neva sees and the constant critisim i always get from her... she ended up ringing my bf and reading the email to him though not mentioning the horrible email she replied with.. he told her he doesnt wana b in the middle of it so leave him alone.. but i cant help him thinking its all my fault yes i emailed her but it was a LONG TIME coming.. i ended up having a talk with him explaining EVERY reason why i said the things that i did and then he FINALLy started realising wat she was like and agreed with me on a few things.. i no longer have anything to do with her.. maybe try talking to ur partner about everything shes done and y u got to that point.. he may understand a lil more and realise wat his mother is like